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juro 02-02-2000 07:35 PM

A writers guild
Many of us have images in our minds and knowledge in our heads that's enjoyable and even entertaining to others. Some of us are fortunate enough to have cultivated this in an environment that provided gentle feedback, reinforcement, and ever-important constructive criticism. It's my belief that the very best place to do this is the web.

It's dynamic, textual, available, and provides a great place to grow. Even better if we are in a forum of friends. As we have seen Terry and Al and others sculpt flies with the 'ki' of their fly-fishing brethren in their fingers, we could see those with the interest cultivate a working writing style that could get them published in big magazines or get them free gear.

Yes, I said free gear. Pro-writers who can show demonstrated works get free gear from manufacturers. I can sponsor and provide referrals for those who are interested. If you should decide to sell the rights for an article to a magazine, your articles on this forum can be used as reference works for others to see what you can do. Heck, the free gear is good enough for the likes of me.

That's where the guild comes in. The guild is a group of enthusiasts with the unified intent to improve each other's writing skills. We will propose, review, publish and prosper. Comments will be anonymous or not; edits can be accepted or rejected by the author at will. As a member of the guild publishes a story successfully on a national magazine, we can all celebrate the victory for the guild member - we all had a hand in it.

Somewhere in there is money. For a good author, I should be able to get a shop, a guide, or a brand to sponsor an article. A small percentage of the proceeds would go into a guild fund which would apply toward a percentage of the cost of carrying the forum and to pay for giveaway rods, reels, trips, who knows to award guild members. The rest goes into the authors pocket, to go play with the free gear.

Of course the author could do this all on his/her own. But if they could, they probably already are. I would think there is a benefit to doing it with a forum of friends where there is a media server to aid in the cultivation of skill and the credibility to show prospective buyers of the work.

Well, thats all I care to say about that right here, please contact me if you have interest in forming such a guild. There will be a private hidden discussion group formed if there is enough interest.


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