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kush 03-30-2003 01:21 AM

Can you say Pink Rubber Worm?
While these are not exactly the Intruder as Ed Ward would tie them - the concept is. Ed believes the large (intrusive) flies illicit attacks from the most aggressive fish in a run. As Juro attests and I will second - the takes when fishing these flies are ... well - violent. It is very cool.

While the pink rubber worm has been been a gear fishing staple here in BC for at least 20 yrs - they have become the rage in Washington State. This fly that I have dubbed "Ed's Worm" is an effective feather version of the pink plastic wiggler.

BobK 03-30-2003 06:32 AM

I like it! I LIKE IT!
Pink worms do work well - since the TSS article a couple of monthe ago, they have become the rage for float fishermen in the know here on Lake Ontario tribs, as well! AND THEY WORK!!!

So well, I have been tempted to lash one to a hook - but THIS looks better, and more "fly-like". Now you've got me thinking of OTHER ways, too - but I'll try yours first!


pmflyfisher 03-30-2003 09:55 AM

A big Cardinelle pattern will also work, trust me.

Its a classic pattern I use it in big and small sizes.

Pattern was invented in the 1960s, see this link:

Give it a try as you like.

PM Out

sinktip 03-31-2003 01:36 PM

Damn, please issue a warning about needing welding goggles to view that thing. I think my retinas are burned.

The pink work has been copied by a few of the old timers for a couple years. I beached a little hen earlier this winter that fell to a 3 1/2" marabou "worm" tubefly that Les Johnson gave to me. Les's advice is if you want it longer, use two tubes.

flytyer 03-31-2003 09:49 PM

One can also tie it as a fly I called the bunnybou when Manuel has his shop in Port Angeles and I tied them for him. It uses hot pink or fuschia rabbit strip for a tail and body, some Krystal Flash of appropriate colors and collars of orange or yellow and orange marabou with a hot pink mallard flank face hackle. Very bright (yes, sinktip, one should wear welder's goggles in sunshine then viewing it) but rather deadly in water that has some color.

Steelheader69 04-12-2003 09:41 PM

LOL guys
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I tie something similar to what flytyer made. But mines straight bunny. No other materials. I actually work off one strip. No cutting until I reach the head. I tie in tail, cinch it down good and half hitch it. Then, I palmer off same piece forward. Trim hide so it makes a nice head. This has been one of my best producers on the Hoh and Sol Duc. Simple to tie, and catches fish. Plus, the way I palmer using zonker style strips, it really makes a great "breathing" leech.

flytyer 04-12-2003 11:35 PM


This fly tied exactly as you did in pink; but tied in fuschia, is deadly on silvers and chum. The only thing I add to it for salmon is some dark blue Krystal Flash at the head tied so it is on the bottom sides on the fly. The Kystal Flash should be almost as long as the bunny tail.

Steelheader69 04-13-2003 02:11 AM

LOL, I misread you flytyer
Must've been right after I took a percocet. Totally misread that. Thought you were talking a totally different design concept. LOL. I love that fly. But I do prefer to use my speys more nowadays. Am getting more addicted on tying them. Need to talk you into a private session to pick your brain on tying techniques. Maybe bribe you with a bottle of your favorite thirst quencher. :D

flytyer 04-14-2003 02:27 AM


You did not misread me on my first posting on this thread. The first fly was different from your all bunny fly in that it used marabou in conjunction with the bunny strip. The second fly I mentioned was like your all bunny fly, with the exception of color -mine was fuschia instead of hot pink.

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