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ssully 01-26-2000 08:50 PM

Bug or Limitation?
I don't know if this is a bug or a limitation forced by a time stamp.

I tried to modify one of my posts"Y2K Tying Clave" and recieved this message. "Sorry, you can't modify this message. You haven't modify your message before 01-19-2000 15:16:11."

Since I was the originator of the thread I should still have the ability to modify it. Basically I just wanted to call attention to everyone that it was updated and not be forced to just post and continue the thread. I realize that updated threads get pushed to the top but...

And after posting I am forced to go back to the main forum to re-read. Then sign-in again to post. This second one is a nasty bug.

admin 01-26-2000 10:03 PM

RE:Bug or Limitation?
Sully -

The expiration time for modification is currently set to one hour. If you would like it extended, let me know. There is no option for setting for "infinite" time.

ssully 01-28-2000 10:11 AM

RE:Bug or Limitation? * to Admin *
No don't change it. Leave it as is.

I just wanted to confirm what I thought.

This second issue definitely needs to be looked at.

"After posting I am forced to go back to the main forum to re-read. Then sign-in again to post."

It may be browser dependent NS 4.7 .vs. IE5.

Are other users replicating this scenario?

If so you may want UB to run a debugger on it.

Just my.02

ssully 01-28-2000 10:16 AM

RE:Bug or Limitation? * to Admin *
The new Open Forum button on the top left cures the return to the Open Forum main menu so I no longer have to hit FlyTalk and start from scratch but... I still have to re-login for each additional post.

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