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juro 01-18-2000 08:18 AM

Performance Improved!
Geez one phone call and the slow response times seem to have gone away. Traces indicate great improvements over yesterday too. Can it be? Phone support and fast response?
Could be web hosting heaven.

Lefty 01-18-2000 09:43 AM

RE:Performance Improved!
I agree. Pretty speedy today at Hanscom AFB.


trutta 01-18-2000 09:45 AM

RE:Performance Improved!
yes, it's working fairly fast today.

ssully 01-18-2000 04:52 PM

RE:Performance Improved!

The response time is excellent tonight.


juro 01-18-2000 06:49 PM

RE:Performance Improved!
We can thank the Web Hosting service and their incredible responsiveness to our concerns.

I will answer their follow-up inquiry with a resounding WAY to GO!

Thanks to all for the help analyzing the situtation.


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