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kush 03-21-2003 09:36 PM

Voodoo Intrusion
Yes I know, I only tie one fly - but it works! I have been spending a little time around Ed Ward lately and his Intruder concept is starting to rub off on me.

While I have been experimenting with the Intruder itself, I have had immediate success with an adaptation of my "go to" fly - the Voodoo Child. A large part of Ed's system is the fast sink provided by the lead eyes of his Intruder. While I've never been a fan of weighted flies it is hard to argue with Ed's logic (or his success).

So I added the lead eyes to my fly and whammo - I was hooking fish in places that I didn't expect to! Instead of most of the way round the swing - say 30 degrees from the bank I was hooking fish out on the edge of the seam 60-45 degrees from the bank. Now maybe they would have followed the fly anyway - but I did hook them out where they lay.

Here is a photo that shows both the Intrusion and some regular Voodoo Children(?), for the recipe (minus the lead eyes) you can scroll down to the Tyler's Tubes thread.

flytyer 03-21-2003 09:54 PM


Although I prefer to fish spey flies, dee wing flies, Ally's Shrimps, and classic feather wings in winter, these are wicked nice flies. When you first showed me your Voodoo flies back in February, I thought we're fortunate that there are not that many folks who tie tube flies in this manner. I also thought that I would hate to follow you through a run you just fished with them.

sinktip 03-25-2003 03:46 PM


I like the new look of the V.C. but am curious if you are still able to keep the hook off of the rocks when you get in to the those tight to shore angles.


kush 03-25-2003 05:40 PM


So far I have only lost one of these and that was on a stick that I didn't see protruding from a log jam as I picked up for a cast. I have also edited my water a little for the lead-eye version. I have chosen the swifter flows and deeper seams and tend to go with the regular Voodoo Child in softer flows. However, I have not had a problem on the inside swing, I occasionally tick the bottom, but I think it is just the eyes as I haven't been snagging up.

Time will tell, but so far I like what I see.

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