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FrenchCreek 01-17-2000 10:28 PM

Saying Hi from Alberta
Hi Juro, and anyone and everyone else. Just what I needed, another BB to check out. Thank God my office manager pays the bills for internet access, otherwise I would be broke.
Nice to see your dedication to the sport and advancing the body of shared knowledge and skills Juro. I'll try to contibute from time to time from my home river, God's gift to dry fly fishing afficionados,The Great Bow River, and I'll pass the site URL to folks out here.

PS Typo at the bottom of this page caption " Notify you NOT your....Email"

juro 01-17-2000 10:43 PM

RE:Saying Hi from Alberta
Pete -

Great to have you on board! I look forward to tales and images of Alberta with great anticipation. Knowing you are a sage angler and a bit of a traveler, I also look forward to your multi-dimensional insights in this forum.

I've got a single malt for you to try in return for the Balvenie introduction last summer - Sherry Wood Glenmorangie. You may have already tried it but since you interoduced me to the power of the cask wood, I've gained an appreciation for these two fine malts. In any case, the next rounds on me.

Hope to cast a line with you soon,

FrenchCreek 01-19-2000 08:28 PM

RE:Saying Hi from Alberta
You're on !
I will never admit to having tasted any Peat Water when offerd for free.

juro 01-21-2000 07:52 AM

RE:Saying Hi from Alberta
Found YOUR and replaced it with YOU. Filmed at 11. Actually 8am... better go to woik! Good thing it's Central time.

juro 01-23-2000 10:23 PM

RE:Saying Hi from Alberta
Pete -

Could you please email me your mailing address at I want to send some photos of that great morning when you were all over the stripers on Cape Cod. I still remember the force with which that last fish took the line into the depths before it found it's freedom. I just happened to be up on the rocks looking over the horizon for signs when you hooked that big striper. I could see it's large profile ripping toward Nantucket. As I recall, when the fish disappeared into the brine, you decided it was a good time to call it a morning. And why not, you had the whippin' stick out since dawn!


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