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ssully 01-17-2000 08:54 PM

Hi Guys,

So far so good. OK another new fishing board. So how's a guy supposed to get any work done.

Let's see what shakes loose.

OK BW isn't to crisp on this message edit.

juro 01-17-2000 09:04 PM

Glad you can make it. Between the New England mainstream stuff on R/T and the worldwide flyfishing subject matter here, you should have at least two choices to help you through the winter.

Read the help file (the book icon) for some neat info on how easy it is to post images and stuff.

Keep an eye open for new stuff, this site is still in the concept phase with a lot of growing to do.



Lefty 01-18-2000 07:58 AM

Welcome Mr. Sully. So, what's for breakfast this year at the Bonecamp? That reminds me I just found a recipe yesterday for Whole Wheat Cranberry n Orange scones! Now that would be a camp treat.
Hey, any new tackle from Santa?

ssully 01-18-2000 09:49 AM

Hey Terry,

Yeah I got a new vise. Like I didn't have enough vises already.

ssully 01-18-2000 12:50 PM

How's this?


Pete 01-18-2000 05:48 PM


Thanks for the invite to the site. Very nice, however, all this surfing on the various boards is going to guarantee me another year in grad school

Hope to run into a few people at the Marlboro show this Saturday. Hopefully I'll get to meet Juro at the Blue Northern booth. I'm going to try and post a picture (after reading the directions for a change) and I'm hoping it'll work. The guy in the blue sweatshirt is SSully and I'm the guy handling the fish.
Have a good night,


Bill_Downing 01-19-2000 12:52 PM

Hi. Just checking in and mostly lurking...


ssully 01-19-2000 12:58 PM

Hi Pete,

I'm glad to see you could make it. Congrats on the recent nuptials. I got banned to tying in the cellar after I dropped a full box of #22 on the carpet with four kids running around barefoot. Luckily I had a big magnet for the clean up.


Pete 01-19-2000 01:48 PM


Yeah, good thing you had that magnet - or the punishment would have been worse than being banished to the cellar. Although it could have been a powerful incentive to buy all barbless hooks - kids easier to release that way

I was actually working on a stream doing creel surveys and checking compliance of anglers w/regard to licenses and use of only barbless hooks. One of the perks was that we had some time to fish between creel runs which was great. Anyway, there I was all geeked up and rushing to rig-up and fish as I could see a number of nice trout in this roadside pool. I got all set-up snuck down to the water and tied on a dryfly. I was still holding the fly as I cast - not too smart, but like I said I was rushing. Well the fly had some problem straightening on the backcast, because it was buried in my right ring finger. To compound the situation - I was in violation, because it still had the barb on it. I slunk into the local hospital as it was down the street after trying to use my leatherman. Should have just avoided the leatherman, as the hook was rusty and broke off in my finger - leaving me unable to get a grip to push it through. Anyway, it is funny now, heck it was funny then - but it was emabarassing, and they charged $140 to fix my stupidity. Never did catch a fish out of that hole either.


ssully 01-19-2000 02:02 PM


I can relate since I've gone to the ER a couple of times for hook removal. The first time with a jitterbug earing and the second with a daredevil nosering. I guess I was just ahead of my time.

Lefty 01-19-2000 02:25 PM

That's it, you guys are freaking me out. I'm snipping all my barbs off. 28 years flailing flies and all I've caught are sweaters, bushes, and trees, and the odd boat.


trutta 01-19-2000 02:42 PM

barbed vs barbless: the safety issue
Last year I joined a friend of mine in his boat to fish for muskies on the Ottawa river. Attached to the 10wt Sage RPLX there was this foot long contraption tied on a single 5/0 salwater jig hook. When I saw it had been de-barbed I said to Eugene... you must lose a fair number of hooked muskies... to which he responded... yeah, but how would you like that barbed hook buried in some part of your anatomy.
After doing about 300 casts with that rig and getting real sloppy with the casting, I realized how easy it would be for a trip like that to end up in disaster.
Oh yeah, I LDRed a small muskie!

Pete 01-19-2000 03:44 PM

I was just watching the OLN on either Friday or Saturday and there was a fishing show on where a guy was throwing some pretty big jig-n-pig outfits. He ended up jamming a nice big hook (minimum 1/0) in the meaty part of his hand between the thumb and index finger. They made the best out of it, but his partner was a little wide-eyed, even more so when he had to use the pliers to yank the barbed hook out of the other guys hand. I gotta give him some credit, he didn't even whimper. I can guarantee I wouldn't have handled it as well, probably would have had to put on the life jacket, cause when I passed out I wouldn't want to fall overboard and drown

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