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BobD 01-17-2000 06:34 AM

Bug List
I guess I should start a new list of bugs.
After signing in I went to modify my setting. After saving changes and returning to the forum. I can not see any of the threads, posts or relpies. I have to sign out, leave the site completely. Upon returning and can read and post again.

juro 01-17-2000 07:21 AM

RE:Bug List
At this point bugs are as critical as ever - but we should start seeing more content in the topic discussions.

I invite you all to send out three invitations to people whom you know will understand that we are very much stll in progress around the site, and will be the type to contribute to the cause in one way or another. Just posting some good stuff is important. Putting together an article is even better.

Meanwhile, this new host provides all kinds of toys! We'll be seeing more stuff around the site very soon.

We can also expect a lot of good stuff cheap being listed on the market page. I have a deal brewing with a shop who is clearing inventory. I also have a deal brewing with a resort business. Wait to you hear this one! If it flies, we'll all be laughing in the carribean.

Now to attend to the day job ;-(

take care,


Lefty 01-18-2000 09:49 AM

RE:Bug List
The Icon above for changing your personal settings gives a "Modify Msg" tag. Shouldn't that be Modify User Accnt or something of that nature?


ssully 01-18-2000 10:55 PM

RE:Bug List
I just noticed a bug. Provided it isn't cockpit error.

After I replied to Terry's post "Terrimack Fly" I can't use the browser Back button to return to the forums main page.

ssully 01-19-2000 09:40 AM

RE:Bug List
The bug I filed on the prior post is for real. The browsers NS4.7 back button works fine if you haven't posted and are just reading variuos forums.

Additionaly the board doesn't seem to remember my sign in.
It could just be a limitation or again cockpit error but...

Bob D,

Just a suggestion but it may be advantageous to have some sort of database to track bug reports so you can monitor their status. I know from experience that when they fix something they usually break something else. Just my .02

Lefty 01-20-2000 08:30 AM

RE:Bug List
I agree with Sully. There is a back button issue but I can't quantify it exactly. It happens at certain times like editing a message. In the middle of editing if you go toget additional information you sometimes can't get back and loose your message. I'll try and document it better.
This button has wrong name:

It should be "Edit Your Profile" or something

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