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pmflyfisher 03-08-2003 06:15 PM

Garry Dog - Modified
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Fly Tyer: Willie Gunn ( Malcolm)

Pattern: Garry Dog Modified


Silk black
Body: Black floss
Rib: Gold wire
Hackle: Blue Arctic Fox (instead of dark guinea fowl)
Wing: Yellow buck tail over red bucktail

Technique: This fly fishes extremely well in falling light conditions as the bright blue is the last color fish see before the light disappears. Or so I was told.


Invented by John Wright the son of the famous John Wright of Sprounston. This pattern is reputed to have been born in a tackle shop where a visiting minister or priest was asked for some hair from his accompanying Golden Retriever’s tail. This was used to form part of the wing of a fly being tied in the premises. Nowadays a substitute of yellow bucktail or similar hair is used for this part of the wing. The name of the dog was supposedly Garry hence the name Garry Dog. Others say it was the ministers name hence Garry’s Dog. One of Scotlands most popular flies, the Garry Dog is rated in all rivers but particularly those that carry a dark peat stain.

I hope the flies are OK, I tie to catch fish not fisherman so sometimes they are a little untidy.

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