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03-09-2006 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by griz

I really don't get this constant phenomenon.

A friend from work is jazzed to get into fly fishing this year. He brought in his reel into one of the last "good" local shops in the area to buy some fly line and have them put it on. My friend doesn't know the lingo yet didn't know exactly what type of line to get and got a grumpy "well, you are going to have to do better than that."

Seriously. The wording my friend used was complete noob speak too. Bells and whistles should have gone off in that shop employee's head to be extra helpful and friendly.

A return customer was instantly lost. He was going to stock his fly box up,get tippet and the other bells and whistles too but just had them do the line due to the rudeness. He has no plans to go back unless he is desperate.

I recommended the shop so now I doubt I'll go there anymore either. These places just don't get it that customer service is ALL they have going for them these days. When this is not offered then there is NO REASON not to go online or go to Dick's, Sportman's Warehouse,Cabellas ect.

Exactly. My local shop is in need of some customer Relations help as well. Over the past two years or so I have finally broken thruogh the ICE at our shop and now get treated well. I have spent so much money at the big retail stores and online, that shopping local is almost a thing of the past. Sad.
03-07-2006 09:14 AM
Capt. Mel Simpson Well Pesca, don't feel bad or good depending on the case, I live in an area that is about the 15th largest metropolitan area in the US and we don't have a viable fly shop. It's pretty bad when I have to get what I need, and I'll spend a lot of money to get the best, via the internet. It's a shame!

03-06-2006 02:04 PM
griz So when he picked up the reel later, the grumpy dude was gone and the new dude was quite pleasant.

However, he showed me the set up this morning and they rigged the reel up all wrong. It's one of those cheapy $26 okuma reels with click/pawl drag in only one direction. So when the line goes out there is no drag as it is presently rigged(and backlash central), only drag on the retrieve.

Ah, well... I'll check out Charlie's Fly Box as suggested. Thanks for the tip.
03-06-2006 04:38 AM
bonefishmon John. I was there last fall and the only guide service/fly shop was close to the wharf. I agree with you about Barry. After a visit with him ten years ago, he was all about himself and nothing else. If you wanted info, forget it, regardless of how many flies you bought. I think he's gone!

03-06-2006 01:31 AM
striblue The Rudest Fly shop ..or should I say Tackle shop is this guy Barry Thurston on Nantucket, I may have the spelling wrong , but this guy is a real creaton...The shop is a joke also... probably spends to much time with the mucky-mucks on that Island... So, I go to a nice place like Cross down the street and what a difference....This was 5 years ago and I can't forget it.....
03-05-2006 06:24 PM
Eddie GK, I know that you are not saying:
"Honey, pour me the f-ing cup of coffee and give me a cute smile while your doing it. I mean, it's not like you're freakin' Juan Valdez."
But it still kinda sounds like it. A little respect from both sides would make life so much easier for every one.

The shop guy knows the difference between a wannabe and someone that can catch a fish without a guide. There are plenty of them who are are guides, certified casting instructors, inovative flytyers and acomplished fishermen in their own right. Some could perhaps even show Lefty a thing or two. A customer that can show them a thing or two makes their day.
I would say that for every idiot clerk (and here are more than a few) there are countless legions of jerks, bozos, hacks, "experts", braggarts, contrarians, drunks, self styled royalty, and folks that need to get a life. Oh, and it has nothing to do with rich and poor. A-hole knows no socio-economic barrier. It can be tough for even the best shop guy to weave his way in and out of these black holes disguised as people. Thank goodnes there are so many really good customers, you almost forget the 1 in a thousand that can really sour ones day. But that's life, and a good shop employee has to laugh it off so he can get back to what he really enjoys. Sharing his passion for flyfishing. He's not in it for the bucks. So please be kind.

And one more thing, wally world, sportsmart and dick's are hardly competition. Cabelas, Orvis and BassPro's prices are the same as the small flyshop's so if the service is better, they win. That could be said for any competing flyshop.

Pescaphile, in your case, not having a local flyshop would be the least of my concerns.
03-05-2006 03:23 PM
pescaphile Hey Eddie! Don't feel bad for me. I don't have any shop within hundreds of miles.

And that is just fine with me!
03-05-2006 02:57 PM
GrantK [QUOTE=EddieWhat an obnoxious sentiment. .[/QUOTE]

You can call it obnoxious if you like, but you missed the point. I wasn't referring to the fact that fly shop staffs generally make just over minimum wage as a way to slight them in a classist manner as you suggest with the Donald Trump remark. My point was more that some shop staff can lose sight of their spot in the fly fishing food chain. After all, you're not Lefty Kreh's equal because you rang up a couple Deceivers on the till. My point is getting attitude from shop staff can be a lot like getting attitude from the girl working the counter at Starbucks. She should remember she's fillin' the cups, not growin' the beans.

But, I'm glad you made that statement about Trump because I think that's the root of the problem with a lot of shop employees. Unfortunately they do spend a lot of time dealing with people who are the type you describe, and I believe the arrogance rubs off. Also, since they spend so much time answering simple questions from those new to the sport they begin to confuse being an expert at tying a nail knot with being an expert on all things fly fishing. That's why I said it's best not to take some of them as seriously as they take themselves.

Most of us who've been around the sport for a few decades know the difference between an expert and a wannabe. Invariably it seems the wannabes are the ones with the biggest attitudes because they use that attitude to cover up the gaps in their knowledge.

And to be fair, it's not just the staff. Some shop owners are the problem. But let's not pretend there isn't a problem and that it isn't common, because there is a problem and it is all too common.

To be sure, there are wonderful shops. And, like I said, they're awesome. There is nothing like a first class shop, or as great as dealing with people who are thoughtful, genuine, and caring. There are people who work at shops that really are experts, and there are owners who are some of the best people I've ever known. Unfortunately, there are a lot of jerks in the industry too. The point here is that the jerks might want to learn to straighten up and fly right since they're not the only game in town anymore.
03-05-2006 01:45 PM
Eddie "shops are frequently staffed by folks whose egos seem to ignore the fact that they are working for just slightly more than minimum wage."

What an obnoxious sentiment. Kind of like this one in the back of every shop guys mind:

"Some customers are wanna be Donald Trump jerks that ignore the fact that if they pulled that stick out of their a@#, someone might give a s*&#. They are usually the ones that think that their money is bettter than everyone elses. They rapp their knuckles on the counter and sigh and huff as the lone clerk tries to spool up three reels, help out with a fly selection, take in a rod repair, show a new flyfisher how to tie an improved clinch knot and find a pair of size 11 guide boots. When it comes time to pay, they are ALWAYS the ones that press for a discount and some free stuff."

"Hey, give me a free fly line. I just spent a lot of money here."
"Sir, with all due respect, you don't know what "a lot of money" is (I thought you were The Donald?)."

Catch anyone at a bad time, and you might get some atttitude. Give a little atttitude, and what do you expect? It's too bad, because most people get great service and love their local flyshop. But some people will never be happy, and seem to like crapping on shop guys more than they like to fish. They are the one's that wouldn't recognize a good shop if it fell on their head.

I agree that it's all about service, and the good shops give that in spades. I feel bad for people that don't have a good shop close by.

I wanted to add: This sentiment is not directed at anyone on the FlyFishingForum. I am sure that GK was kidding around...
03-05-2006 09:00 AM
teflon_jones The only fly shop that I really ever visit is the Bear's Den and if Scott or anybody else there ever gave me any attitude I think my jaw would probably hit the floor. Nicest people you can imagine and will go above and beyond for a 50 cent sale.

The only other place I ever really get fly fishing stuff is when I'm passing through Portland ME, I'll stop at LL Bean. They're always very friendly and helpful too.
03-05-2006 07:25 AM
fishinfool Griz,
I don't know which of the local shops you sent your friend to, but I would recommend sending him to Charlies Fly Box in Arvada. I think it is the best shop in the Denver metro area by far. I have never been in a shop that is so willing to listen to what you are looking for and either show you where it is or tell you how long it will take them to get it for you. That kind of service is not something you will ever get at any of the catalog sites or big box locations.
03-05-2006 07:17 AM
FishHawk What happens is that the clerk is constantly being asked the same questions over and over again. It goes with the job. I was told by a clerk once that you see guys come into the shop, want to know what is hatching and buy nothing. Ever notice when you buy something at a shop the information flows. That's why some shops have a blackboard outside the shop with the hatches written on it.
I had a chance to work partime in a fly shop but decided it wasn't for me.
It's a service business it that simple. On top of that the clerk has to work on the weekend when everyone is fishing. Just my observations. FishHawk
03-05-2006 07:03 AM
Paxton Reading this post gives me 2 thoughts:
1. Sometimes, people are just having a bad life, I like to go by the trend vs single occurance give the person a second try....if the attitude is the same, it's a trend and I take my business elsewhere
2. for fly shop owners.....I will share how I felt 5 years ago entering a fly shop for the 1st time when I was a newbie and thought that a "butt section" was my behind.
I was all hopped up about retiring and doing something I always had an interest in, but not a clue to go about it. I was relunctant to go into a shop and display my ignorance.....I knew that I needed stuff...but what....what was good...what did I really need.....patience was the key, especially in answering questions that were so elementary as I look back now.....everyone starts at the beginning.....what is "old" for the owner is new to someone....don't kill the excitement and earn a customer for life.
03-05-2006 05:00 AM
Originally Posted by griz

I really don't get this constant phenomenon. [/rant]
Hi Griz

My experiences have been that while I might occasionally experience a little snobbery, the vast majority of shops I visit around the country are like dropping in on old buddies even though we'd never met before.

I think it boils down to individuals and the philosophy of the store. In my days in the fly shop frankly I liked helping the newbies most - they appreciate what you do for them the most and give you less trouble
03-05-2006 02:52 AM
flydoc "The clerk couldn't have been nicer. For a $2.00 sale, he took me into the back of the shop, sorted through a dozen or more tip tops before he found the right fit, glued the thing on my rod tip, and made pleasant conversation throughout. "-Eric

Eric- was this the same clerk that had dissed you earlier on your selection of flies, or had they fired that bozzo and hired someone new? I'm fortunate to live within walking distance of one of our sponsors (Fishing the Cape), who are always very helpful and friendly. Always look forward to my visits to them, although I must admit my "kid in a candy store" spending habits sometimes get the better of my need to be a bit more frugal
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