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09-10-2005 01:12 AM
Moonlight Dark matter and anti matter! Wow I am aware of the "possible exisitence of such things but I am more certain of the physical propertys of Bamboo!
The latest edition of Astronomy has a discussion about the creation of all the various "Universe's" that occured simultaneous to the "Big Bang" great Theorys and I wonder if Dubya would allow them to be taught in his personal perfect world?
"I digress" mea culpa from an old Altar Boy.
09-06-2005 01:36 PM
salmo In light of the recent disaster, where most likely more people died then during 9/11 attack Bush is faced with second chance to fixed energy solution .
Ask congress( mainly opponents Republicans) to approved the proposal by McCain, Liberman and Kerry for new efficiency standards for Tracks and SUVs which would reduced Gas consumption by 10-15% by 2010-12. Car and primary tracks are 5-10 % less afficient then 10years ago ( recent EPA report, released after enery bill was passed!!!!!!)
Ask Congress for new amendment to Energy Bill which would substitute 11 billions in subsidy to oil companies ( EXXON made 37 billions of profit in last 4 quarters and donít need taxpayer money) for subsidy to Ford, GM to accelerate new factory construction.
Scrap 25-28 billion of waste ( McCain report) from highway bill and direct it to New Orleans.

Now it is time to act for US , but I guess it will not happen until we will have steward of the Nation in the White House . So far we have steward of the oil and mining business.
09-03-2005 05:40 PM
flytyer bd12345678,

However, the little I've read on the productin of energy from the anti-matter-matter reaction (which is a huge, nearly unfathomable amount that is produced in an extreamely short time, like a few nanoseconds producing enough energy to power a large US city for a few days) says the reaction must be contained and suspended in a "magnetic bottle" because the amount of energy produced would burn through any other container in less than a nanosecond and thus end the reaction. This is a huge problem at the present time because the amount of magnetic energy needed to produce the very powerful and strong "magnetic bottle" must be made with the most powerful electro-magnets now in existence. In other words, it takes a very large amount of electricity to made the "magnetic bottle". And as soon as the "magnetic bottle" no longer exists, the reaction stops because the matter and anti-matter cannot be kept in close enough proximity to continue the reaction.

Also, although the amount of energy released by the matter-anti-matter reaction is so huge, so much is produced in such a short amount of time, even "magnetic bottles" we are able to produce at this time cannot contain it more than a few nanoseconds. Thus, despite producing enough energy in a few nanoseconds to power a US city for a few days, there is currently no way to store such a vast amount of energy so it can be expended over hours or days.

Perhaps, these technical difficulties will be overcome in time (no one knows how much time will be needed, but it is certainly several decades if not a century or more) to overcome them. Therefore, despite it having been included in Einsteen's Theory of Relativity, and thus theoretically possible, it has only been recently found to actually work as theorized by Einstein and at our current level of technology, it is not possible to store the energy produced or sustain the reaction so part of the energy produced can be used to keep the "magnetic bottle" extant, nor is it possible with our current level of technology to even send such a massive amount of energy produced in such a short time over any power grid without frying the grid.

Perhaps, sometime in the future these rather substancial technical difficulties will be overcome and humankind will be producing energy just like the Starship Enterprise by having a matter/anti-matter reactor.
09-03-2005 11:01 AM
bd12345678 I'm not sure how many are familiar with this concept, but i just wanted to throw it out there. Of course, it's far more theoretical.
Black matter, also known as Dark or Anti-Matter was first discovered by astronomers. Essentially, it is thought to be identical to "normal" matter, with one exception; the charges on all the sub-atomic particals are reversed. So electrons are instead posative and protons retain a negative charge.
So, the next question is "What happens when we combine an atom of 'normal' matter with an atom of anti-matter?" From what has been observed, a tremendous amount of energy is released, while each form of atom cancels each others' charge out. And then there is nothing. No waste, no leftovers or by-products.
09-01-2005 05:09 AM
juro For years now I've been dreaming about a hybrid Tundra 4x4...
09-01-2005 12:24 AM
Moonlight I hpoe you bought stock in Tesoro and Valero when I told you!!!
04-13-2005 02:37 AM
rico.29 For those who speak french or italian or deutch, sorry i didn't find any link in english about it,
it explain the behaviour of the Cogema(=Areva) in other countries like Niger where Cogema extract Uranium

that the way cogema produce necessary uranium to make fuel rod,
but i'm sure Cogema is not the only group to act as this, thinking they give job, risquy job, to people who won't have one without uranium extraction.

finally i find an article in english

have a good read
04-12-2005 06:32 PM
OC Sorry Moonlight about the hijacking the thread. The way I look at it, it is all the same thing. Industry has just got too big and too powerful what you described about the missing fuel rods is the same with so much. I would love to see that report on the missing fuel rods. I would love to see more on what is really happening out there throughout the world.

So much BS out there, coorprations spending huge amounts of money on organizations that have favorable catchy environmental names and yet preach anti environmental messages loaded with fear and distrust. The nuke industry being one ! And it appears so many in the first world are buying into it. Yet look closely at the third world and there is growing anger as these huge companies paying off third world officials. I see it in my trade,(water) where water rights are being bought up world wide, India, pakistan, everywhere and then charging farmers for the water something they have had for free for the last 10,000 years. Why? So these same industies can come in take over the land and plant indsurial farms. Does not matter , nuke, chemical, water and on and on we are seeing big business grab every last bit of what is left with little or no regaurd for the environment. Hopefully some day the whole world will scream enough to all of it.

No they feed the cattle organic jelly beans left over from the 80's, it's the sugar content ya know.
04-12-2005 06:00 PM
This just in.....

A Federal Goverment report claims that there are missing spent fuel rods from several of our nations reactors and calls for action!!!! Reading the article in this regard was a real eye opener for me. Did you know that 90% of the funding for the Regulation of the Nukes come from the Nukes themselves this has some observers claiming that the Nukes get to have some pressure on the reporting of the facts that are certified by the inspection program. Sounds a bit cynical to me but hell I'm a cynic what do I know!
Theres that darn Liberal hijacking this Nuclear disscussion going on about his kids cattle ranch being "Organic" what the hell does that mean do they feed the cows Tofu?
04-12-2005 04:04 PM
OC Rico,

That surprises me that you even have intensive farming. I think we call it industrial farming here. We always hear that you Frenchmen and Italians take great pride in local farm economy and produce from the small farmer, you know real fresh produce. Thought you had strict rules against industrial farming. Just goes to show you we are all in the same boat and we seem to be sinking just about as fast. Our industrial farming and industrial aquaculture is goverment encouraged even though the pollution is great.

Well on a good note I'm headed out tomorrow to my daughters ranch in the big state of Wyoming to help pull a few calves out of cows, fix fence and do a litttle fishing with the grandkids. By the way the cattle ranch is an organic operation so I feel good about what goes on there and it's encouraging that my daughter loves the land and takes care of it dearly. It is good to see young people concerned about the environment world wide.
04-12-2005 03:36 PM
rico.29 I appreciate a lot, thank you OC.
try the link very intesting.
There is so much to say about pollution do to nuclear, industry, agriculture that i don't know what to begin with.
i think our government and president has a very nice internationale talk and position regarding environment, but here...hugh it seems that politics forget what they say once their back in France, because here agriculture lobby is very strong and most of time know how to be heard by our politics...

see that picture took in Bretagne
tons of seaweed proliferate because of pigs faeces in intensive farming
04-12-2005 03:18 PM
OC Thanks Rico for your posts. You should come over sometime and fish with some of us. You will find that most here would agree with your concerns.

You will find that most Americans know little about what happens in other countries unless it involves our country. Our news coverage here is pretty shallow or maybe so much happens here that they have no time but for our news. Even I and I try and read about what's going on in other countries didn't know about your waste problems and the goverment being fascist about it. I agree that good things are happening in the Scandanavian countries, Germany and Denmark in green energy and in such things as water and wasterwater alternatives. Those countries have been leaders in those types of things for a long time.

My concern is that many throughout the 1st world have become complacent. Sometimes that scene in the movie the Matrix where a door was opened and there were all these people on hooks with tubes coming out every where. Someone explained that all those people were being fed dreams that they were happy, had nice homes, big cars and wonderful families, something like that anyway. I think that is what is happening in a round about way. A lot of people here think goverment got too much power I think international big business has too much power and that goverment works for them. Same thing in your country?

Like in your country those of us who care keep trying to get the changes we just need more people to get off that hook and wake up to reality sooner than later.

Come over and fish with us some time.
04-12-2005 03:18 PM
04-12-2005 03:03 PM
rico.29 Autority took the crabs and said they could NOT go to any laboritory because those crabs .....
04-12-2005 02:58 PM
rico.29 Dear Eddie,
here it's been a long time that nuclear had be choosen to produce your energy
msot of time there is no "transparence" (= transparency?) about incident in nuclear central, there is a scale with 5 value graduing the damage caused by an incident, recently we had inondation that affected a nuclear central and in 2003 we had a peak of temperature in the summer (so the refrigiration was not enough effective) each time the nuclear autority said it was only a class 2 incident many time after it, but an independant autority affected a class 3 to those incident!!!
there is a site controlled by COGEMA where nuclear S...H...I...T coming from France and other countries are treated. the site is called "la Hague" near from the Channel sea, radioactive water coming from "la Hague" is rejected in the sea very far from the cost, years ago greenpeace decided the take crab that lived near to where the "water" arrived in the sea, greepeace wanted to analyse those crabs.
When they came back to the harbour, the police and the nuclear autority was waiting them.
Autority took the crabs and said they could go to any laboritory because those crabs should be considered as contamined by radioactivity...what do you think of that?
Somebody in this post write about a french school that was built on radioactive place, in fact "la Cogema" was extracted uranium from a place, and let people use the rubble to make embankment for their house or even a school saying there was no problem....many years later there are many case of cancer in that village and leucemia.
here we are very bad at producing green energy German, sweden danemark, norway are the best.
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