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: Gore-tex Revisited...

Scott K
02-21-2003, 12:37 AM
I fished the Chilliwack River today in a pretty tough downpour for a good portion of the day.

I want to iterate some thoughts regarding the application of Gore-tex to downpour situations. Quite simply: It works.

I bought the Simms Guide jacket last year and have had it in many a downpour to this point. IN every case it has kept me dry very well and performed admirably. I think Gore-tex has fullfilled it's claims as being able to withstand 22" of rain per hour (which is a hell of a lot!) if it meets Gore-tex's extreme Wet Weather rating.

I may be so bold now as to hypothesize that the majority of people who do get wet wearing "newer" Gore-tex now a days, even in extreme downpours, either haven't done up their jacket and cinched it up properly, or have a poorly designed jacket, or a bit of both. For I don't think it's the materials fault.

Doing the jacket up, as well as proper design I think are important in keeping water out of areas that they shouldn't be. For instance here are a few examples

1) Velcro Wrist cuffs (often made of neoprene, but Simms Guide Jacket uses a Gore-tex cuff that they have patented). I found one day in rain that I never really did the velcro wrist cuffs up. I originally attributed the wet fleece near my forearm to the material performing poorly but after doing up my wrist cuffs to they fit snugly around my wrists, this has ceased to be a problem

2) Doing up your hood, cinching it up, closing the storm flaps, and doing the zipper up all the way to your mouth BEFORE or JUST AS it starts raining. I have found that when I have been lazy and haven't done the zipper all the way up to my chin/mouth, that what does happen is the exposed to rain area near the top of the chin/mouth that gets exposed to rain gets wet. Then when I do do up the zipper all the way I have wet material touching my face. Something that people may attribute to a poorly performing material, but in reality is more user fault more than anything.

3) Not wearing materials that compliment your breathable jacket. If you do a lot of hiking, walking, or encounter a warmer day when it's raining, the likely hood of sweating becomes a reality. Materials such as polypropolene, polyester, and fleece are excellent breathable materials that wick moisture away from your skin and compliment a jacket made out of Goretex well. If you have a build up of sweat because of a poorly breathing material worn under your jacket, this is something that will contribute to a clammy feeing.

Gore-tex works.

And do your jacket up from now on.

02-21-2003, 08:35 AM
Scott, I agree the problem is not the fabric I have several less costly jackets and the only place water manages to seep in is around the hood when I don't cinch up. And also around the pockets when I fail to close them properly. However I still am planning on purchasing a Simms Guide Model, I have still not heard of a better garment if anyone else has I would appreciate a short reply about it.