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: Summer Patterns

05-03-2000, 07:03 AM
Haven't forgotten about posting the summer prawn / pink pupa patterns, just need to get to the bench.

The timing is right to discuss summer steelhead success stories and get the mindset tuned into the summer season.

I'd have to say that prawn / pupa pair has done the most subsurface damage for me over the early summer months, and a wide range of patterns including a caddis surface fly do the most in the late summer and fall. Small rats (matuka) all the way down to #8 have been good on very light tips as well. Patterns like freight trains, purple butt speys, and other sparse dark patterns have been great greaselined flies for me too.

I am on schedule for a fall fling, but the original start of september thing won't fly. My daughter moves into a dorm at Boston University that week! HOLY ####!

I'm gonna need to fish bad

05-03-2000, 01:57 PM
Yeeow - that's gotta hurt! Does this mean No Coho and an earlier-than-expected trip, or a mid September run after the move? Still planning to do the Vancouver Island run?

As for my own summer fishing, I'm partial to my black ostrich and grizzly bugger as a generic fish-getter. Tied on a straight eye nymph hook in #4 and #6, this bug has caught summer fish dredged on a sinktip in the Snoqualmie and skated on the surface of the Sky at first light. That and some small purple/black low-water ties for riffling and a few foam-head muddlers and traditional maribou muddlers and I'm ready to go.

Planning on exploring some new water this summer (far away from the Rubber Hatch and the Splash&Giggler's) and will report on what I find.



05-03-2000, 03:13 PM
Howdy boys,

My personal favourite summer fly? Hmm...let me see, could it be a black/purple marabou G.P? I do tie it down to micro size (for a G.P) maybe a #6. Mind you for the summer fish on the "T" I often take my Skagit box of flies!

Juro, I hope that later trip of yours can be late enough to hit the Thompson! Tight lines - tyler.

05-04-2000, 04:35 AM
Not sure if this will mean earlier or later - Smitty will be on the south island earlier and I really wanted to fish with him and his son, but it may end up being later due to the circumstances. I need to ngotiate with the war department

The mighty Thompson sounds good too - either way I win! (it's nice to have options!)

Hey Tyler - when do you work Langara?

05-04-2000, 05:13 PM

I will in all liklihood be going back and forth to Langara from July 11 to August 8. Those dates, especially at the tag end are somewhat negotiable. As yet, I have not recieved firm dates from them, but those are my availability times. From July 1 - 9 I will be up at my favourite Cariboo lake - Sheridan for some chironomid fishing. In mid-August I'll more or less be around home, then the last 2 weeks before Labour Day I'll be up in the Skeena country. I know life's tough but somebody has got do it!

With the close of this spring steelhead season, as few and far between as the fish were I have to say I am very pleased. This is in no small part due to hooking up with a merry band of hard-core steelheaders that share my passion for speyfishing. Brian, Jeff, Duggan, Bill and you Juro made this an exciting and valuable spring - thanks alot - tight lines - tyler.

05-04-2000, 06:19 PM
Tyler - the pleasure was all mine as they say, you've redefined the potential of what a spey cast can do in my book; and what I used to think was a trick cast (spiral roll) has now been registered as a deadly weapon in my mind.

I've always heard about tyee refusing the fly in the salt chuck but have experienced a degree of success with large kings in rivers, even springers in the Lewis R., and to an extent in the salt (when the coho could not lure me to them). It seems even the best feel the conquest of tyee on flies is difficult. I've become obsessed with figuring this out and have confidence that some of the things I've experienced with many years of coho, stripers, and river kings might be of value in this quest. I'd love someday to visit an area such as Langara and research this.

BTW - if it appeals to you, perhaps we could put together a hooknose on the fly article and ask Langara to sponsor it in exchange for a full blown ad in the guild.