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: Netting Bones/Albies at the West Wall

08-06-2001, 04:31 PM

You may or may not have heard this yet but there is a large fish trap at the West Wall that is getting everything in it's path. The net is around the second bend and rumor has it that the bones/albies are being used for lobster bait. Also, it seems that these permits are grandfathered (with no new ones issued) From my experience and others, this trap was out on the center wall and would snare many many fish (Bass, Blues, Albies and Bones) thru a season. Now this net has been moved to the west wall almost prohibiting any bones, albies, bass and blues to make it thru their paths along the wall. I have tried calling the Deputy Director of RI DEM to ask how the trap could be moved on a grandfathered permit but have not reached him yet. His name is Mark Gibson and his number is: 401-783-7753. Unfortunately, if the net is not moved, this great shore spot is all but ruined......Please feel free to call, also.......