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: Bass' Ass (Swap entry)

Dble Haul
02-17-2003, 07:12 PM
Here's Big Dave's warmwater swap entry, and the tying instructions as provided by him.

Bass' Ass (inspired by Harry Koons' Rat's Ass)

Hook: Any 3x strong, 3x long streamer hook (these are a size 8)
Thread: Hot orange 3/0
Bead: Brass cyclops bead. Tungsten for deeper water. Barbells to ride hook up for rocky bottoms.
Tail/Wing: 2 matched black saddles, curved side out
Flash: Pearlescent krystal flash and flat pearlescent mylar tinsel
Body: Palmered cross-cut rabbit strip

Basically a downsized version of the Koons classic. Tie in the first set of matched saddles for the tail, add k-flash, 2 more saddles, tinsel, then tie in and palmer rabbit strip. Looks surprisingly like a crayfish in brown and has great action thanks to the rabbit. Try using a marabou tail under the saddles for bulk in larger versions.

Bucketmouths love 'em.