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08-05-2001, 10:23 AM
On Saturday about 5 AM.. went down to the light house for about one hours worth of fishing before heading out to meet Todd M. and Jimmy for a boat trip.. we met at 7:45 at larry's PX.. Anyway, met Fred at the light house out by the sand bar and since the tides were right suggested that we go to the rip that has been so productive for me Saw Craig and Dave P. at another area and we waved and continued on... Fred hooked on to a good one ,maybe between 27 and 30 inchs... as he is landing it and reaching for it ,he does a craig with his rod and breaks the tip... finally lands it and continues fishing for a while by just droping the fly and letting the current take it... we leave together... Todd then takes us to the flats in front of stage harbor... no luck ..too early... we then fish the west side of north south Monomoy and consistantly pick up schoolies as we drift up and down the shore line.. Then to the Crib and I do some wet wading and we figure it's too early for the movement but the approaching T-storm forces us back to Stage Harbor and call it a day. This morning 8/5 I meet Jimmy at the light house at a late outgoing tide at about 5 AM.. we go immediiatly to a point on south beach beyond the main point.. Jimmy lands a good fish about 28 and I get a regular schoolie... then I get a hit and the fish takes off in a straight line out... I figure there is something wrong with my drag but i't ok and then the fish is gone... later while having coffee with Jimmy I look at the fly which I had taken off earlier just after the strike and see that my hook is bent almost 90 degrees. The fisherman's lament.. "the one that got away"...Jimmy than loses a big one and we head over to my usual spot at that time in the tide...(almost dead low) We start hooking fish ,maybe half a dozen between us and I get one Blue as well.. The fish were all in the 25 to 30 inch range and pissed off which with the current made some good fighting. We head out around 9 with a quick incoming tide.. As we head out about three other flyguys who were watching us slowly found there way out to us.. But , by the time they get there we are wraping up... it's quiet time there as the tide changes. We had seen Pete Gray earlier at the point where he had beached his Kayak... trying to get somewhere else... but the thick fog forced him to the point... He then headed out to where he wanted to be as light approached... When I got home around 10 am my wife told me that Pete had called to report that he landed a 44 incher!!!!! I look forward to hearing about it... wait a minute.... I will tell him "that's great... Jimmy and I were abducted by aliens on our way back and they did things to us". Just kidding Pete. That's the biggest one from our group this year...I think... but Juro I think is in the 40 inch range too....

08-05-2001, 10:43 AM
Now guys... here I am trying and trying to break my Chatham bass bigot reputation by visiting the north shore, and what do the 'regulars' go and do? SLAM! BANG! 44!

Next time I have a half day to fish I WILL spend the same amount of hours driving as fishing, and I won't mind it a bit! I did have a pleasant afternoon on the Annisquam yesterday, made the most out of the little time I had.

Congratulations Pete! Jim, sounds like John is an excellent host for your visit and I hope to get down there as soon as possible.

Bob Pink
08-05-2001, 08:02 PM
Just offshore was strong this morning at Chatham as well. Made the cut at about 4:30am in that black fog, headed a bit south of the point and started hitting fish in the 36" - 40" class for the next hour. My partner duplicated my fiasco of two weeks ago by exploding his 8wt on the second fish he ever caught on that rod, 40" 27# fish that dug for the bottom in 35' of water. The fog made it hard to stay on the fish as we drifted North with the tide. Things petered out by 7:00 so we headed south along the east face of Monomoy to see if there were any signs of bonito out front.... :(
More fish at Bearses with a few bluefish cutoffs and back to Ryders by 12:30.

08-06-2001, 06:24 AM
[quote]striblue (08-05-2001 11:23 a.m.):
When I got home around 10 am my wife told me that Pete had called to report that he landed a 44 incher!!!!! I look forward to hearing about it

Pete? Is this true? You caught 40 4" fish?? Or was it 2 22" fish on the dropper(s)?

All kidding aside, congratulations - now I need to follow you!!


08-06-2001, 06:29 AM
Jeff... I think Pete followed you if I am not mistaken... I forgot to include you in the 40 plus fish where he was yesterday.

08-06-2001, 07:53 AM
Nice report. I'm surprised I didn't see you. I was on a flats boat with 2 other guys on Sunday off South Beach. That was some thick fog! It's always a trade-off out there. either wind or fog...take your pick. I'll take fog any day. We slammed the bass all day. My biggest was 38" teased up from the bottom. It hit at the surface right in front of the boat. I lost one that had taken over half of my backing...maybe Pete got her. I landed 5 bass over 30 inches, and lost count of the smaller fish. All of the fish were very strong, and VERY fat.