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: Nantucket 8/3

08-03-2001, 07:29 AM
Bluefish are easy is the phrase for the week out here . If nothing else, you can catch some blues whenever you headto the beach. Saturday morning we got into a blitz out at Great Point in the morning that was non stop for almost 3 hours. Sunday Morning the fish were a little more scattered, possibly due to the amount of bait out there right now. You may have heard about the Bonitio, the first one off the beach that we know of this year, that I was part of. Myself and island reugular Karl were trying to tease in the fish that we could see splashing around just out of fly casting range for my client and his friend Joe. Karl had a good solid hit on a red and white ballistic missile and I arrranged the fly fishermen to cast in next to the hooked fish when we saw that it wasn't a bluefish, it was the first bone of the season off the beach. Monday, we ended up with 3 different parties being guided off the beach by guides out of the shop. Brian Anderson's group managed some small blues just before sunrise, then one of his client's hooked into what they thought was a big blue. A few scarred knuckles later he landed the first Bonito off the beach on the fly. To round out my trip that day we went back out to the point where one of my guys managed to hook and land another bonito on a yellow pencil popper. Monday night I took a group of my friends back out to the point where the east wind all day had pushed blues up on the beach all the way along from Wauwinet to the end of the point. We ended up landing 15 or so fish and lost just as many in an hour and a half, all from 6 lbs. to 11 lbs. Tuesday and Wednesday things were pretty scattered out there but I did see some large shadows and flashes coming across the gravel flats along the inside of the Galls.
The boats have been doing well off the west end. There are still stripers coming up on the flats fairly regularly, bluefish along the south shore, and Bonito being caught on almost every trip that has an incoming tide in it. I've also heard of some pretty amazing nights in Cisco and Surfside for taking stripers on spinning gear but nothing really in pattern form. We are getting into the time where you have to be patient and in the right place at the right time to get these fish.
Bonito seem to hitting small white flies, or small epoxy patterns. Stripers seem to be hanging out in the deeper water so I've been using a sinking line and clouser to get down to them. Let it sink and then retieve up over the edge and you should be able to get into something. For blue fish bring some wire along, and throw out your old beat up flies at them.
Today is pretty windy so I'm takinag a catch up day but tomorrow I would try fishing the areas that the wind is blowing bait into right now, because usually that bait will hold right there for at least a day. Look out for the weeds and try to remember that this is just fishing, it's supposed to be fun....

08-03-2001, 09:20 AM
Nice report!

I got to get out to Nantucket!

08-03-2001, 09:57 AM
Thanks Shane... variety is the spice of life.