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: Islander #3

02-12-2003, 10:14 AM

I have an Islander #3 fly reel in near mint condition that I'm interested in selling. I use the Islander #2 and don't need both reels. I live in the Framingham, MA area and if anyone wants to inspect the reel prior to purchase, it's not a problem (if you live in Northeast MA). I have the original box, instructions, neoprene case. I have used it for stripers in the past and after every trip, I have stripped off all the backing and washed every part of the reel, then treated it with Boe-Sheild before reassembling it and relubing. It is a beautiful piece of equipment. I will put it on e-bay in a couple of weeks, but thought I'd post it here first! Send me an email if interested!

Bill Roche