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: Chatham Light 7/29 to 8/1

08-01-2001, 03:36 PM
Arrived in the Cape on 7/28. Did the usual things, food, beach pass, unpack the van. Met John Morin @ 0430 at the light house. It was good to see a familiar face. We headed out around the point. Not alot of fish, 2 to about 22 inches, but what a morning. The sunrise was spectacular. We finished up around 0830 and headed for coffee.
7/30 I headed out along the point toward South Beach. Picked up one fish about 20 inches. Yet another beautiful sunrise. On the way back to the parking, I came across a school of fish crashing bait about 300feet out. Knowing it would be imposible to reach them, I still threw my line in their general direction. I was rewarded with a couple of nice blues to 6 pounds. Lesson learned.
7/31 No fishing. Dad duty.
8/1 Set out this AM at 0400. After a stop for coffee. I was fishing by 0430. I decided to take my new 10wt out for a spin. The tide was low so I headed down South Beach for about 1 mile. Decided to work a little hole I found along the way. Second cast yielded a nice 28 inch fish. Twenty mins. later I landed a 25 incher. Shortly after I hooked and lande a nice 27 incher. Problem was, he was missing his tail. Seal chow? That was 27 inches without the tail. Finally after about 1 hour of fishing this hole, I hooked into a fish that took me into my backing. That's a first for me. I finally sududed the beast. He was 34 inches long and FAT. The problem was, as I landed this brute, 4 spin guys had stoppped and watched me. By the time I released him, I had been bumped out of the hole. Oh well, thems the breaks. I had a great morning.
So I'm here at Cyber Docks. I don't own a lap top. I'll stop by every couple of days and post what I know.


08-01-2001, 04:25 PM
Jim... sounds like you are getting the lay of the land out there... here I am at work in Charlestown under the code of silence and it's my turn to read these... do you think you could down play it a little, it's making me ill... great fish for one morning... down South beach? See you Saturday

08-01-2001, 05:19 PM
Jim -

I have to thank you for getting our good friend John a little taste of his own medicine! }>

John - all I can say is what you are feeling is exactly what the rest of us felt for a couple of weeks while you were on vacation!

Oh well, I'd rather hear them and wish than not hear them at all!


08-01-2001, 06:25 PM
Hey..hey..hey.. what's with those vibes. I am in pain right now. It's just not fair..I tell you...Then Roop is going on Friday...Did you know that there are big sharks at the cut and ,like killer whales, they will chase you up the shore.... even to the stairs... this is true... I have seen it. The best policy is to avoid the light at all costs. I am not saying this for myself ,mind you, but to warn all the rest of you of this potential danger... and it is real!!!

08-01-2001, 07:33 PM
You're not kidding! With all the reports I plan on walking down the inside along the bowl and tub. Of course once down to the inlet it won't make a difference which way you walked down, you're in open shark territory by then!

Oh well, I will probably be among the risk takers at least one day this weekend... I will leave my seal costume at home though...

Bob Pink
08-01-2001, 08:26 PM
Be brave me fellow fishers of the Chatham shores. Arrive with your 25wt and seal flies and let's go get 'em!

Tod D
08-02-2001, 07:48 AM
Now's not the time for the squeamish.

Was at Walmart last night & they're selling foam seal floats. Cast like a dream & with a 10/0 hook or two may be just the ticket for Mr. Mako this weekend.