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: Those big ones you catch alone...

07-30-2001, 07:10 PM

It's a blustery morning and although a few anglers dot the horizon, I am as alone as a person can be. Deep in my thoughts with the quiet sound of the current amplified in my head and the smell of the surf filling in my lungs. The current prods my legs to move along as my feet quickly bury into the shifting sandy ridges, so I step and twitch, strip and pause.

There - that felt like a grab... the current is so strong that anything but a straight down hang is under a lot of turbulence, but in the half second before I can even tighten the line I see the running line pulse and just as the set is made the line takes a hard surge into the current and two forces collide as solid contact is made.

"This one's heavy", I'm thinking as a large long cream-silver flash cuts across the bluegreen ocean tide rip and a big tail churns out a powerful path across the waves as if the current was not even there. The line out of my basket jumps like it's electrified until there is no more and the drag lets out it's pitiful plea for help as the bright green backing zings out through the guides. "Nice fish", I say to myself.

It's gonna be awhile, I utter as my whole body is filled with boyish joy. For every time I fish with others I've fished ten times with this one dude I've known all my life, this guy I call "myself" who I talk to when I fish alone.

One year I decided I was going to use a little micro recorder to capture my fishing log. These tapes are absolutely hillarious! I'll have to convert some clips to audio and post them, at the risk of attracting psychiatrists.

One time I've got a chromer steelhead on and decide I am going to log the action during the long fight. You can hear the drag going every time I start to talk incoherently. Finally, as I start to describe everything about the scene to excruciating detail the fish gets off and after a long swearing bout it ends with "I lost the fish because I was *&%$ING around with this stupid tape recorder >click<".

Another tape was salvaged from the time I dropped the recorder in the river and killed it in the middle of a steelhead battle. You can hear the thing as it drops, enters the water and dies. The tape was playable when it dried but I had to buy another recorder.

I found these tapes in a drawer and played them recently and nearly fell on the floor laughing at this "myself". Sometimes he can be a real joker }>

07-30-2001, 07:31 PM
Nice fish.

I bet not many people know that you wear a size 13 shoe.

07-30-2001, 08:07 PM
Nice fish, oops you let your 2 wt. get in the sand. Next time I wanna be there!


Jay C.
07-31-2001, 07:02 AM
Well, doesn't that puppy look fat! Just like a little submarine - I'll bet that one was a good fight. Does the tail looks like the bottom has been worn down, maybe from hugging the bottom in some ambush spot in the current?
Anyway, keep those inspiring photos coming and congrats


07-31-2001, 07:13 AM
Juro.... that's just run of the mill for you...great fish... just one of many I have seen YOU pull in. See you this weekend.