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: Redington AL 11/12 - Gold

02-03-2003, 05:18 PM
I have a new Hardy on the way so time to part with some of the stuff I don't use much.

I am selling a gold finished Redington large arbor AL 11/12. Silky smooth operation, quiet purr click on outgoing line and a drag that will stop a train. Asking price is $60 + shipping.

The reel is in good shape with a couple cosmetic scatches/dings. Mechanically it works perfectly. It is a great spey reel for 8 and 9 weight lines such as the Wincutter, Midspey or Accelerator. It comes with factory pouch, tool, box and instructions. This reel was purchased before this line was discontinued and is still eligible for warranty work if ever needed.

Pictures available on request.

Let me know if you have any questions.


(pictures posted below)

02-03-2003, 05:40 PM
Interested in this for fighting Cobia off shore. Can I see a picture of the reel?

02-03-2003, 05:56 PM
... should we proceed, would you accept payment via PayPal? Thanks again...

02-03-2003, 08:58 PM
Here is the front of the reel.

02-03-2003, 09:00 PM
... for $60 plus shipping; if you're game, name your method of payment and it will be taken care of asap.

02-03-2003, 09:05 PM

I have a paypal account through e-bay but have to admit I don't know how to accept payments that way. Drop me an e-mail if you can walk me through it or I am good with a money order as well.

Duggan Harman