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: furled or braided leaders

02-03-2003, 06:01 AM
Anybody use them, and for what type of fishing? Are they just for dry fly presentations? I was also wondering how long of a tippet can be put on one without negatively effecting the casting.
Thanks for the info.

02-03-2003, 08:47 AM
I used to use them because they last a really long time. Now I have switched back to regular leaders for a couple of reasons. When dry fly casting the braided leaders hold water and on the first false cast release that water as a spray. If you remember to never false cast near your fish you may be fine, but I have spooked fish with this spray of water. The other reason is that I have found that the braided leader spooks underwater fish more that a mono leader. I have seen the fish glide out of the way of a braided leader when a mono leader with a fluoro tippet does not cause this response as easily.

John Desjardins
02-03-2003, 08:54 AM
I've tried the braided leaders and don't use them anymore. What I found was that they did cast well. and you could attach a reasonable length tippett to them. The problem I had with them is that they spray water droplets onto the water surface when you cast. My principal use was for dry flys & nymphs in the top 3' of water.

I haven't tried furled leaders yet. Making a board for this and making a few leaders to try is a planned winter project. Its just way down on the priority list.

11-25-2005, 10:33 AM
have you tryed a furled mono leader..........i sell them........fish4urlife@hotmail.com.....they turn over like those furled thread leaders that we all love but dont soak up water so they dont spray

11-25-2005, 11:14 AM
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11-26-2005, 08:09 PM
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