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Bob Pink
07-29-2001, 07:10 PM
Sorry about the protracted absence but the login proceedure has had the best of me for the past two weeks. Finally have a password that works so here goes....
Fishing has been a Chatham experience for the past three weeks. All attempts by boat (the waders are complaining of neglect!) and leaving Brookline at 1:00am to make a 4:15 launch time has taken it's toll, but it's still the best game in town.
What's been interesting has been observing (and occasionaly pursuing! ) the school BFT that were just off Chatham over the past few weeks. I've tried four times, once with the flyrod (with Jeff Smith ), once with spinning gear and twice trolling. Box score: No runs, three hits but no errors either. Only trouble with the trolling is keeping the damn bluefish off the lures! I can clearly see how one can get 'tuna fever' because after watching these fish arching out of the water just yards away from the boat.., well you can imagine. My hat's off to those who have figured out how to hookup and then land one of these beauties on the flyrod.
The Chatham bass fishing has remained consitantly good but the best of the bite has been for a shorter duration each weekend. Juro, you'll be please to know that when all else fails, the S.Beach dredging operationstill produces. Not the size class from last year but still nice to have fish at midday.

Finally, I think we should all petition to have John Morin plan our next fishing vacation! Way to go John, that was a nice two weeks!

07-30-2001, 06:43 AM
Man, the more I hear and see of the BFT... that picture of Josko's son and the BFT on the deck of the Joskolater on Jeff's photo gallery blows my mind.

Glad to hear the "Billingsgate Twitch" still has it's power over South Beach fish; BTW - until as recently as last weekend the big fish have still not left the inshore flats on the Brewster side so let's pick an afternoon flood and do some serious sight fishing one of these weekends!

(watch, as soon as I mention the belated departure of big fish the keepers will leave the flats and we'll be chasing micros all day! ;-) )

07-30-2001, 11:22 AM
ahh the fever. I made it down there on Friday ready with all three types of gear, only to be pummled back from the Chatham inlet in steep 4-6 footers with a northeast wind 15-20 and the red flag for small craft going up over my shoulder at the light. Very poor timing on my part. alas my 15 wt. waits for another day to be broken in properly.

Spent the rest of the weekend in Falmouth with some friends catching little tailor blues out on the shoals with no signs of bonito. Incidentally, I made the trek all the way around the east side of the island to Toms Shoal and Wasque POint to see what was afoot---mung, mung, mung. A pretty trip though.

Got a good look at the back side of Washburn from the Eel river--still hoping to make it down for boneclave.

Bob, lets try to tackle one of those pesky school bfts together sometime....

Bob Pink
07-30-2001, 12:04 PM
There might be a trip from Green Harbor to Wood End or Peaked Hill Bar in order for that pesky purpose... ;)