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: Saltwater fishing questions

01-28-2003, 04:50 PM
I've recently moved to southern Mississippi from Utah and was interested in saltwater fishing. I started fly-fishing about 3 years ago and feel pretty comfortable with freshwater fly-fishing. I don't have the equipment for saltwater and didn't know what I needed. My questions for example are do I need a saltwater reel or will a fresh water reel get the job done? What size rod, line weight and tippet do I need? Should I use sinking line or floating line? I'm going to be fishing in the brakish waters up from the gulf coast. I've been told that the fish range anywhere from 5-30 lbs. I just don't know what epuipment I'll need to land a salt breather.

Greg Pavlov
01-28-2003, 05:04 PM
My questions for example are do I need a saltwater reel or will a fresh water reel get the job done?

My experience with this both spin and fly fishing is that if you
have a decent-quality reel and you gently but thoroughly rinse
it at the end of each day, it will be fine.

01-28-2003, 07:23 PM
To help you out, what kind of rods do you currently have? (length, line rating). If you were a salmon/steelheader with heavier rod, for example, you would be in good shape. Look at a few catalogs - they will give you a pretty good idea, for example, steelhead/light salt water will usually require an 8 to 10 weight rod. And heavier for larger species. You can use these as a guide. If you will fish the shallows for redfish and trout (weakfish), a floating line will do fine. For deeper water, you will need a sinking line.
I'd suggest that you hang around a fly shop, talk to the proprieters, but better yet, strike up a conversation with some of the customers. THESE LOCALS CAN GIVE YOU A LOT MORE INFO THAN ANY SO-CALLED EXPERT! At least, it worked for me when I moved to new areas - fishermen are, in general, a very helpful brotherhood.
Just remember to RINSE (and dry) everything in clean fresh water after fishing, give 'em a good maintenance cleaning and lube on a regular basis, and you won't have any problems. Almays remember that salt water is corrosive as anything - even on stainless!