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: No Name Summer Spoonie Spey

01-27-2003, 12:47 PM
If you "accidentally" shoot a spoonibill, no problem! They might taste lousy, but the flank feathers make a nice fly! This Summer Spey uses the nice variegated cinnamon-coloured feathers for a collar. (If you hunt and don't tie, you can send me the spoonie feathers without fear of being mocked. I promise I won't laugh!)

Recipe follows:

Hook: Bartleet (#2)
Thread: Iron Grey (8/0)
Tag: Gold flat tinsel
Body: 1/2 black silk, 1/2 cinnamon SLF
Rib: X-small gold oval tinsel
Hackle: Grey (Whiting) spey hackle
Collar: Spoonbill flank
Wing: Bronze Mallard.