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: Percy's Shrimp

01-25-2003, 06:28 PM
My take on Percy Gilbert’s shrimp

Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 size #4 or #2
Thread: 6/0 Gray
Body: Mix of Antron & Hare’s ear dubbing – mix of lt. Olive, Tan, Gray
Carapace: ziplock bag cut to size
Eyes: extra small for #4 small for #2 black bead chain
Head & Feelers: Lt natural Elk hair, Rootbeer and lt olive or lime crystal flash

Tie in the Elk hair so that the tips so that they point slightly downward, do this by tying in at the bend of the hook. The tips of the elk hair should extend ~1/4”. Loosely wrap the elk hair to the shank of the hook and wrap tightly at the eye, by not crushing the elk body hair it will maintain some buoyancy. Attach the bead chain eye part way down the bend of the hook where the Elk hair wrap was started. Attach a mix of rootbeer and olive flash at the eye, these fibers should extend beyond the elk hair and be of varied lengths, leave a couple longer than the rest for antennae. Hold the flash toward the rear of the hook out of the way. Wrap a body of dubbing so that it tapers toward the eye of the hook, bring the flash material forward and wrap at the eye, trim the flash so that it extends 1/8” beyond the eye of the hook. Not a bad idea to through a couple half hitches in now. Cut a small piece of ziplock bag into a sort of kite shape just a bit longer than the length of the body. Attach the narrow end of the plastic bag at the eye of the hook, it should extend over the eye of the hook, the other end should extend just beyond the bead eyes. Make 5 wraps toward the bend of the hook creating 6 body segments. The plastic bag should cover just half of the body so that the dubbing on the underside is uncovered. Whip finish at the bead eyes. Pick out the dubbing on the bottom of the body and trim so that it tapers towards the eye of the hook.

01-25-2003, 06:31 PM
Very Nice Jim... if it is from Percy then it's a given..Knew Percy years ago when he worked at the Boston Orvis store.. had quite a family of famious amateur Golfers in Mass.. A little known fact about his uncle and father. State open and amateur Champs in the 30's I think.

01-25-2003, 06:51 PM
nice work, Jim :D

01-26-2003, 06:33 AM
Jimw, nice shrimp, is that one for the swap?

01-26-2003, 08:38 AM
Those are the swap flies. I've only fished it once, out on Monomoy and then I was just trying to use something extra small to avoid the MUNG. There was no escaping the mung.
The reasons I never gave this pattern a decent trial on the water are:

I couldn't tie it well enough and would never fish the original Percy gave me.
It's easy to fall into the same old routine and use patterns that are already producing.
I don't usually fish much with a floating line - which is how Percy said it should be fished.

I have no doubt that if fished correctly it will catch fish. The way it was described to me it is like fishing for trout sipping the surface. I wish I had tried this pattern last year when I ran into the sipping syndrome for a couple weeks in the inner harbor (where it lies on the chart in the picture). This year I will fish this shrimp and copies of all those I get in the swap. Gotta give those flatwings a shot when the adult herring and Macks arrive, and that can't come to soon.