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: It's a WRAP! Marlboro 2003

01-20-2003, 01:06 PM
The show at Marlboro was hard. It was back-aching, bloody knuckled, aspirin-popping tough. A lot of people had to put a lot of work into an effort like that to succeed. But ya' know - WE GOT WHAT IT TAKES!

What an effort! I took my lunch hour to prepare this summary, but a fitting testimonial would take weeks! Nevertheless let me try:

The Raffle -

We tied so many flies that we had to add raffles to award them all. And boxes? No problem thanks to Nick Svencer, and due to Chris Delisle's efforts we had kick-ass stickers to make the boxes our own trademark. His extra efforts led to new boxes for upcoming events with a reach as far as the Seattle show too. Quentin pulled together a huge undertaking with his usual modest dedication, assembling the first forum fly raffle and it was an astounding success! Striblue you need to change the names of your flies to "show-stoppers" because there was not a person who could walk by the Forum booth without hitting the brakes to check out the unusual crustaceans with hooks integrated in them. Doc Duprey, your flatwings graced the grand prize shadow box with such style that not of my workin' flies dared enter for fear of embarassment. In fact everyone's flies were awesome, the display was truly remarkable to behold and the raffle was a huge success. Due to a well staffed and well coordinated effort we recovered a large portion of the booth costs and what we didn't get directly we will in follow-up benefits.

Pro-Tying Lessons -

Again we had a star-studded cast of excellent pro tyers this year. Rich Soriano carried us along with Striblue, Dfix, and others on Friday afternoon. Traffic was light but we got a lot of interest considering.

Saturday was insane! We started off the day with Capt.Ray of Castafly Charters, RI ( only 30 minutes after the doors opened but we had no problem filling seats while Ray unveiled his new secret weapon fly. Then Capt.Bob Hines of FlyFish Rhode Island ( took the helm and revealed some of the secrets of the worm hatch and a fly that solves the puzzle. After lunch Capt.Stan Mackerwicsz who is a production fly-tyer well-known throughout New England took the most difficult and important role of bringing a crew of young fly-tyers into the world of fly-tying with an incredible display of patience, teaching skill, and knowledge. Ray Stachelek and Bob Hines tied two more deadly flies in the afternoon and with such heavy hitters at bat we hit a grand slam at the tying theater.

Sunday was kicked off by Capt. Art Sawayer of FinFun Charters ( and despite light traffic at the show during church services things got cooking and by mid-morning we had feathers flying. Art's squid pattern was followed by Capt.Todd Murphy of Wellhooked flyfishing who walked the group through the construction of a beautiful flatwing. After lunch, Harry Koons of Nauset Angler ( tied the famous rat's ass to a full house including Rick who's a regular at Harry's shop in Orleans but got to tie his first fly at our booth!

We recovered a significant amount of the investment thru these efforts and I will make a payment to my credit card for the Marlboro booth fee. I never doubted that I would be able to get that back but it was nice to get it back at the show. But more important than any of the financial responsibilities of the show you can't put a price on the joking and jostling between Capt.Ray and Bob Hines, or by Jack Smola walking by and telling us "the flower show was last weekend" ;) or Simon Gawesworth pulling off a snake roll with the feather boa casting trainer.

Booth staffing -

What a GREAT crew we had! We had so much support that the show manager was concerned. We also had a major congregation around the booth of new and old friends. The key to our success was TEAMWORK - from the setup crew to the coverage shifts to the takedown crew right down to the winning raffle ticket picking "fishing babe", we should all pat each other on the back for the amazing feat we accomplished this weekend.


Show fees... $675

Additional expenses... $200

Great times with everyone who's anyone in flyfishing, including our fellow Forum members.... PRICELESS!

01-20-2003, 01:54 PM
I'd like to extend a HUGE Thank You!!! to all who contributed flies for the raffles. Your generosity allowed us to assemble 9 (or more?) boxes of flies that any fly fisherman would be proud have to add to their collection. I'd also like to thank all of you who helped out by buying raffle tickets!

The Forum booth was a great success and was definitely one of the most popular booths at the show! Everyone involved -- the planners and organizers, the donors of time, money, materials and knowledge, the volunteers who helped man the booth, and the attendees who stopped to look, listen and participate -- should all be proud to have helped make this another memorable event!

And, as always, it was nice to get together with other Forum members!


01-20-2003, 02:00 PM
Good stuff! How much was raised in total? I shudder to think but...Wilmington? Casting clave?

Dble Haul
01-20-2003, 02:55 PM
Nice putting faces with several more names here in the fact they are too numerous to mention, so to spare the risk of forgetting someone I'll just say that it was great to meet all of you.

The booth was indeed in a strategic location, near the vending machine, pay phones, and bathrooms. We couldn't help but get noticed. And on more than one occasion I heard people on the other side of the show talking about our booth.....all positive, of course! :)

Now I'm charged more than ever to get some warmer weather and start fishing again. And to all of you who made generous offers to take me in for weekend fishing forays in MA, thank you very much. That kind of selflessness is what we're all about, and don't be surprised if I hold you to it. :p

01-20-2003, 11:09 PM
One of the things about the people I met from the board that truly amazed me was they generally want to see others succeed. They are init more for the sport then to show off how much they know or how good they are, it is through the humble caring and listening to other that this board will succeed over all others. People seem willing to share secretes tell techniques and even share tying tips and new flies with others despite the fact that some unscrupulous little puissant thieves may be dwelling about just looking for their next invention. And yet the smiles are always there the energy could be felt rows away and the laughter even further
Thanks for the fun

01-20-2003, 11:12 PM
after reading all the Marlboro stuff I can't wait to get my knuckles bruised and elbows bloodied in Seattle!

Juro, you need to secure the feather boa casting trainer from Penguin. While the distance casting event is happening we'll have the feather boa distance casting championship in the aisle in front of the booth, with additional points for style--that' sure to draw a crowd! :devil: