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: Striblue's 2nd Annual top 10 Useless Flyfishing Products

01-19-2003, 06:35 PM
Yes Folks..It's back and meaner than ever. Here is my top 10 useless flyfishing products. Keep in mind these are my opinion only and is not necessarily "useless", but I consider them so for the money you are being asking to buy these for. Also In some cases it is the presentation in Fly Cataloges that earns a here goes. NUMBER 10.. The first catagory to earn a top ten is line displays in fly cataloges.. Here's the test... You get a free FFF fishing hat from yours truly if you can find the line you need in under 10 seconds, no cheating... I really can't find anything in those presentations let alone the line I want with all the lines they have for sale these days.. wasn't there a floating line, an intermediate line and a sinking line once? if I want one for stripers I need to look for the "northeast summer single taper green colored striper line", If it were that easy that would be one thing but then I have to figure out if I need the deep sink, not so deep sink, slightly deep sink or a bit slightly deep sink,,I am not even going to look at the intermediates..because I am sure I will have to stop and go to the bathroom at some point..Now to get the hat, you are left to the honor dialing a friend ,or asking the audience..ok....NUMBER 9---Whitlocks Line splicing Kit--It's not the product so much but what they tell you .For around $25 you get a product they say that will significantly improve your casting, presentation, fly performance, and hooking and playing the fish....DUH... I better not try splicing my lines anymore the old fashion way... now that I just discover why I am such a bad flyfisherman. NUMBER 8---Gear Keep Net retractor....This little bueaty says you will not have your net springing back and forth as it catches you walk though the woods...Good, Because I always wanted my fly vest torn from my body anyway.... and it's only $26.99.... NUMBER 7---The Tiemco De-Barb Plyers...only $21.95...You know to crush barbs.HHHHMMM..they look good and I am sure people will see that I know what I am doing..that's very good..... NUMBER 6--The Hart Stainless indicator Comb--- now ,you didn't expect me to avoid an indicator product did you? after last years list... well, this product is cheap for $8.95 and I can also use it on my it can't be totally useless. Can someone educate me on how this works on little yarn strike indicators and exactly what it is suppose to do... Preferable the person who wins the hat....nevermind. NUMBER 5----Sun Checker UV protective gloves without figers.. so you won't get skin cancer on your hands...only $15.95..they look good ,feel good and are like a second skin I am not sure what happens if you get skin cancer on your exposed fingers... HHHmmmm ..Looks like another invention from me.. I'll work on it... I like the second skin thing... But I never liked using second skins, anywhere on me.. natrual lamb ribed skins are ok I guess.... Number 4... we are getting there...Hodgemans Wader back support belt..only $23 ... You know,to support your back while standing too long.. It's a bueatiful piece of scrape neoprene wader that some Einstein thought up to get his Christmas bonus.....what to do with all the scape neoprene that was building up...what to do...NUMBER 3----Fishpond Leader Tippet Guage.. for $20 you can..well it says it is an absolute necessity to build and repair leaders.. I am not sure what it does. ...NUMBER 2 ....OK..these are two is the "Loop Master "and the other is the "Wulff Wrist Lock" Basically the Loop Master, as oppose to the Loop beginner or amateur.... was developed after 20 years or research and trials to force the caster to stop at the correct position in the cast, It developes correct muscle memory... but it also says you can use it for fishing TOO!.. and it's $30.00.... the Wulff one is more's just a piece of plastic rubber band with Mr. Wulff's name's only $11.00..... I always say that it's important to learn the right way...Why go though a learning curve.. I am going to invest in this.The prospectus for the product says it is really taking off helping parking lot attendants with those little red flags show you the proper entrancce to a parking lot. You know ...remember how confusing it is when your driving your car and you are looking for parking at the ball game and you really can't tell which way the flag is pointing or waving... well ,this baby will square those guys. But I would wait to see how it does with them before buying..just a word to the wise. Finally NUMBER 10... and my favorite... and most expensive.. The Kestral 4000 Pocket Wind Tracer---- only #329.00.This honey will track major environmental says...Water temperature, current speed, wind speed and altitude..It better not track attitude or I would have a real problem with this... If you just care about wind speed you can get the chopped down version for only $119. The bueaty in this item is that while you pull out your mini binoculars to fix a position with your pocket GPS.. fondling your trusty Compass incase the batteries run out... and pull out your Motorola Walkee-Talkee.. checking the weather there as well... you will have no problem avoiding nasty little head winds as you head back to your car to get the fishing rod and reel you forgot.:devil:

01-19-2003, 06:45 PM
Hey man great post. Funny, entertaining ..... yet informative. Glad our store doesn't carry any of those products on our site, that would be a little embarrassing.

01-19-2003, 07:12 PM
My top ten list:

10. The Abel Perfect Tool
9. The Abel Perfect Tool
8. The Abel Perfect Tool
7. The Abel Perfect Tool
6. The Abel Perfect Tool
5. The Abel Perfect Tool
4. The Abel Perfect Tool
3. The Abel Perfect Tool
2. The Abel Perfect Tool
1. The Abel Perfect Tool

...Hell, the damn bottle opener doesnt even work on this useless piece of garbage!!

Thank God mine was free!!

...didnt the Abel Perfect Tool make last years list as well???

01-19-2003, 07:20 PM
I don't have any of these nor will I except for the one below which I do have. Came with the waders. Never used it yet though with all of the winter steelhead clothes on under the waders and my protruding waist line it does not fit. Maybe for summer wading, but then I don't mind falling in and cooling off.

Number 4... we are getting there...Hodgemans Wader back support belt..only $23 ...

PM Out

01-19-2003, 07:39 PM
Sparky... The Abel tool was on last years list.. I just could not repeat anything on that list... But If I did a top twenty it would earn the perennial list.

01-19-2003, 07:47 PM
You never cease to amaze me :whoa:
Great selection - when were you working on this - Saturday, while you were flying around the hall? :eyecrazy:

01-19-2003, 08:48 PM
Super list! I wonder who sits around dreaming up all of these gadgets? Even worse, who is gullible enough to buy 'em. But there must be some who do - or they wouldn't go through the expense of making 'em.

How come none of the "knot-making tools" made the list? That's a winner, for sure.


PS - one of the catalogs has a "Sherpa altimeter/windmeter in it - a real steal, on sale at only $129.99 - boasts 3 ft. resolution up to 30,000 ft! Just what you need if you ever climb Everest to go fishing on the peak!

Also, a "cell-safe" plastic cell-phone case, (in case you don't want to get your cell-phone wet when you fall in while wading, I guess!) It even floats.

John Desjardins
01-19-2003, 09:02 PM
Good list this year.

#6: The indicator (flea?) comb is usefull for combing out flys with wool wings, bodies, etc.

#3 The tippett gauge @ $20, a good pick. Thats what you pay for a cheap micrometer or caliper thats able to do much more. Heck I have both the micrometer & caliper and don't use it for tying leaders.

01-19-2003, 09:48 PM
Spinning reels that cost over 60 bucks; and you can pay hundreds. Why? Because you've got too much money on your hands.

Secondly would follow would be bait casting reels that run in the same price range; as if the fish would know?

Thirdly, would be 'store bought flys' that run at $5.00 and more each. Hell, for this kind of money I'd rather send Strub and a couple of others my 'order.' And they (well, Strub's don't) all come out of China.

I will hit my 'catlogs' as there has to be soooo many more choices. Worse if you're a Bass Fisherman.

01-19-2003, 10:10 PM
I beg to differ...the differance between say a $50 spinning reel and a $115 is very easily noticed... even more significant differance, is the differance between a $50 casting reel and a $120 casting reel...its night and day!!!!!

My favorite casting reel is the old Shimano Bantam 201SG...they havent been produced for almost 20 years and I pay upwards of $200 a piece for them...they are worth every cent!

...and this is coming from someone who has sold literally hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of both spinning and casting reels over the last 6 years.

...also there is much more money involved in the production of a good casting or spinning reel.

Take for example a $200 fly reel...a dealer will make atleast $80 on the sale...on the other hand, if a dealer sells a $200 casting reel, he will be lucky to make $30!

01-19-2003, 11:08 PM
Great list John! While we're on the subject of catalogs, I'll throw in a vote for some of the catalogs themselves. Last year, I bought exactly one item from a well-known discount store. Since then I've probably received 25 catalogs in the mail and maybe 100 e-mail "updates" and "special offers" from them. I don't even look at them anymore. They go right into the trash or get deleted. The item I purchased was about $25 (including S&H) so they've certainly spent more on postage than they made from my purchase.

As a former spin fisherman I have to comment on the spinning reel topic :hehe: . I've gotta agree with Ryan on this. I just don't understand why a fly reel, with so few moving parts, is two or three (or even more) times the cost of a good spinning reel. It's especially odd because the spinning reel is involved in every single cast and retrieve, while the fly reel is primarily there just to hold whatever line you aren't using at the moment.


01-20-2003, 03:16 AM
I beg to differ...the differance between say a $50 spinning reel and a $115 is very easily noticed... even more significant differance, is the differance between a $50 casting reel and a $120 casting reel...its night and day!!!!! "

From $50 to $115, etc., yes you'll have major quality differences. But I see you haven't been putting through the Cabela's catalog of late. You can spend in the $350 range for a spinning reel. I'll be an easy 'sell' to get convinced on the "quality gap" between $50 and $115 .... but from $200 to $350.. Naaaaa.:rolleyes:

01-20-2003, 05:11 AM
The $475 Special order Simms waders. You can't ware them on the water tooexpensive you might get a hole in them. Oh yeah you can repair wit a $6. tube of Aqua Seal.
Wader /vest hangers for $20.

The cost of flylines in general . What happened to the $30 lines?


01-20-2003, 10:36 AM
BobK...The knot making tools would have made the list..but I could not find one easy enough to explain. We will have that probably in next years list after I finish my course in Quantum Mechanics I will be auditing at MIT.;)

01-20-2003, 11:00 AM
It's probally time for about 1/2 the companies out there to close up shop and bother us no more. When the price difference between a $100 reel and a $600 reel is maybe a bearing, a larger drag bushing and a wider spool something smells rotten.

When you pay for a $600 reel that costs $50 to make where do you think the rest of the money goes? Right, R&D for more crap products.


01-20-2003, 10:48 PM
As I posted on the other list... Sponsors would never be included because sponsors have no useless products as we know. If one wanted to be taken off the list ..that would be simple..they could become a sponsor. I think it's time to consider a top ten list of the most useful products. I will be working on that...

01-21-2003, 09:08 AM
It is funny how companies justify what they charge for a fly reel considering what a simple device it is. Doesn't help you hook any more fish - anything over $250 is ludicrous too me. Never was too big on jewelry...

Striblue, another hilarious post!

The indicator brush can be useful for drying out antron indicators and picking out dubbing. So can a small ACE comb or a peice of velcro, available at your local CVS for $.99.

Tod D
01-21-2003, 09:18 AM
And this year's winner of the most useless flytying product is C&F's Marco Polo portable flytying kit

At $599.95 it's an absolute steal for someone w/ more money than common sense. Hey, but it does come w/ a stainless steel fur comb...

01-27-2003, 09:45 PM
From my review of the numerous catalogs I get, there are numerous items out there that cause me to scratch my head a bit and wonder who the target audience is of the marketing. I may be treated with a little scorn here, and it may be from my lack of exposure to these products, but does a $700 rod from one of the sacred names really perform that much better than a $150 rod from one of the more main stream manufacturers? (If someone wants to give me a $700 4 weight to make their point, I am willing to step up to the challenge none the less). One nifty gadget I just brought from a catalog is a little tape measure that attaches to the handle of your net (at the end of the handle before the netting) with Velcro straps. It allows you to measure your fish while in the net, prior to release.

beau purvis
01-30-2003, 09:48 PM
that tool is the only tool i carry for steelheading. has a good cutter. wont "mash " my alec jackson spey hooks right at that little bend that will cause hook failure. try winter steelheading for 2 days seeking one grab-getting one grab- having the point come off because your pliers pressured too much of the hook[were not precise enough. done that once ,but not since i use that tool. does not rust the hell out of 3 digit $ abel. beau