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: Thank You Nick!

Tod D
07-23-2001, 08:27 AM
Just wanted to post a public THANKS to Nick for the terrific plastic fly boxes he gave me last week. Once again, yet another board member has gone above & beyond.

Thanks again Nick. I owe you (pls see your email).

07-23-2001, 08:48 AM
I just want to add that Nick is a super kid - he gave me a bunch of those boxes, and they'll all go to good use - in my own cases as well as those of friends.

Thanks again Nick and let me know when you want to get rid of a bunch more.

07-23-2001, 08:55 AM
Guys, its not a problem at all. It's nice to see them go somewhere else besides the landfill. I am gonna try and get a bunch more this week and take them out whenever I go fishing and give them away. Dave, if I get a ton, I'll give you a buzz.

07-23-2001, 10:32 AM
Yes, thanks Nick, Perfect fpr my fly tying stuff.. thanks again.