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: First Draft - the Seattle Show Plan!

01-12-2003, 11:17 AM
Now that the Boston Show plans are almost final, I am finally able to turn some attention toward the Seattle Show.

Please keep in mind that (a) this is draft, or maybe a pre-draft version (b) things are completely open to suggestions at this point - we have over a month and your ideas are greatly appreciated!

Friday - Pre-show Spey Clave

Dawn to lunch - fishing for those who have the day off
Lunch - Spey Clave streamside barbeque
Afternoon - Casting and putting faces to names

Friday - night

Prepare booth area, staff admittance needs to be pre-arranged. TBD.

The booth is arranged in either a tying session / presentation layout, or "relaxed" into a general gathering and discussion area.

Booth arrangement for tying sessions:

In Boston we have invested time in a wooden structure that appears to be a cabin front of sorts. In Seattle, first show we can drape a sign or something over the back wall if there is no time or ability to build such a structure.

Alternatives include those trade show backdrops, if anyone is in the business of trade shows.

Sat AM - pre-opening

Those who will work the booth in the morning should arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of the doors opening. Badges (free passes) will be available at the exhibitor-only desk. This requires pre-determination of who will need printed exhibitor badges. For pro-tyers and guests will get first priority, additional staff badges are purchased thru the show management. We will have a 5 minute Q&A about what we need to do, schedules, etc.

Hopefully we can get our hands on an IN-focus style pc projector for the weekend. This makes a night and day difference.

Sat AM - opening thru lunch

Floodgates open, it's a blast really. Many good folks to meet. We need to fill event seats (tying sessions), sell raffle tickets, hand out forum Spey pages cards and brochures, and generally enjoy the show when you get the free shift. We arrange for morning and afternoon shifts generally, but it's flexible.

Lunch - we need someone to make a run, unless the food is ok at the facility. Meydenbauer looks pretty awsome, and it's Seattle - most likely the food and coffee are both good :)

Lunch to closing - am shift goes to enjoy the show, pm shift takes over. Same drill

**** AM and PM event schedule for our booth TBD ****

Sat - Dinner, after closing

I would like to have a get-together with Dana somewhere that can handle what could be a pretty good number of people. We could either limit it to the participating "staff" or open it to a banquet style gathering. I prefer the staff dinner because it's easier and rewarding to contributors. Unfortunately it's not likely that we will have earned back the years' hosting and upgrade costs by then so the forum will not be able to foot the bill for such a dinner this time around.

Sun - AM & PM

At this point it suffices to say that things will be the same as Sat, but of course we will have different names in the AM and PM slots as well as guests.

I am hoping to stay a day or two longer and fish for early natives somewhere after Sunday...

01-12-2003, 04:00 PM
A bit off topic but I know this will get you jonesing Juro. Saw a gear fisher CnR a chrome bright 10-12 pound wild fish this morning. You know the river. They're here!

Now back to show talk :D

old man
01-12-2003, 08:28 PM
I hope that's not the only fish thats coming up as A few of us fly fishers would like a few of them.