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07-18-2001, 11:15 AM
Going to the annual familiy gathering in Maine next weekend. Last year I snuck away in the early am and went down to Pine Point in Scarborough. Interesting, especially at the mouth of the Scarborough Marsh.

Was reading a thread on another board that indicated there is now a gate at the Scarborough Beach parking lot and you need a card to get in during off hours. Sounds like where I parked last year. Can anyone from the north country confirm that?

Secondly, is there any advise on other options in the area. One of my cousins has a small getaway cottage on the beach at Camp Ellis. Thats probably my best bet - no parking problems and its right at the mouth of the Saco.

Thirdly, anyone have any advice/tips for the area and fly's of choice keeping in mind these will be 2 to 3 hour sorties?

Thanks and Regards,
Fred A.

07-18-2001, 12:40 PM
Try the mouth of the Scarborough River at Higgins beach. The breakwater from shore out to Ram Island is a nice trap for fish.You have to get there from the Cape Elizabeth side.
There is also some decent shore fishing in Cape E. across the river from Portland at Crescent Beach ( cross the new bridge follow 77 to the icecream stand on the left and turn left this will get you to crescent beach). If you go around the foot path at the north end of Commercial Street in Portland (this is the street along the waterfront) working around toward the north below the Eastern Promanade there is some real good fishing. At that end of Commercial St. you are forced to take a left onto India Street, about half way up on the right is " The Tackle Shop", Dana can give you the latest reports for the Portland to Saco scoop. Nice guy, free with the info and a nice little shop. At the mouth of the Presumpscott River I've done well also. To get there take the Rt.1/Falmouth exit off 295 north of Portland, just after you merge you'll come to a bridge there is parking on the south side of the bridge. Wade the muscle beds on either side of the bridge or work downstream around toward open water. Be careful of the rock weed in that direction. Clousers, Juro's Eel, Crab, and Rabbit Strip Eel paterns work pretty well. Get down deep. Any where the foam collects against the rocks and where the flow pulls your fly down deep is effective up here. There are some other good spots but they are either further south or north than I think it sounds like you'll be able to sneak off to. Check out Saco Bay Tackle Co. on Route 1 just south of the Cascade Restaurant they should be able to give you some info too.

07-18-2001, 12:41 PM
Fred, I don't fish Scarborough much, so I can't comment on any gate that might or might not be there, but there's plenty of other fishing available in the area. I personally haven't had much luck on the saco this year, but I've heard that it has produced well at times. If you are going to fish the Saco though, it's much easier and more productive fishing from the Biddeford side(low tide only). Unfortunately even though you can throw a rock there from Camp Elllis, it's a 20 minute drive, and if you're only going to be fishing for a couple of hours at a time you might be best off trying your luck on the saco side. In the past I've had good luck here with smallish clousers in all white and chart/white. I've heard reports of roving packs of blues as well, so bring wire.

If you have Korkers there's also the rocks outside to the south and north of you. Out there you'll run into a TON of pollock, so plan on using big flies (10+") and even then you still get a few. I've been having good luck with snake flies and generic large decievers. If you have a beginner that's looking to get into some fish they could probably have a blast in any of the rocky spots with a 5wt catching pollock.

If you can get out after dark I've heard that the beaches have been producing as well- you could probably walk down from the cottage you mentioned and do pretty well.

sorry if this is a bit rambling, I'm at work and I'm trying to do 10 things at once.


07-24-2001, 10:54 AM
Chris and Matt,

Thanks much for the info. Looking at a map it turns out Scarborough Beach is on the other side of the marsh outlet from Pine Point so the parking isn't an issue. I'd like to explore but won't have much time. Pine Point is a 20 minute "as the crow flies ride". I will report.

Thanks again,
Fred A.