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: flat waxed nylon for fly bodies

01-03-2003, 06:24 PM
I was looking through my fly tying stuff last night and noticed I have a bunch of danville flat waxed nylon for some reason. As I was looking at it I thought it could make a pretty decent thin body as a floss substitute. Has any body used it for this application before? Pro or cons?



01-03-2003, 08:06 PM
As 'underbody material,' (worked well) or if by itself as body material with a good coating of either head cmt. or Sally Hanson's nail polish. Couple of good chomps will shread it without a protective coating.

Add on thought: Darned if I know where it is now (being "between homes" is a ROYAL PAIN in the ....) but also had this in a white thread. Do your body and paint it with Sallies stuff again. Nail polish comes in every colour of the rainbow, and you could 'stack' the colours for a very different effect.

Also very sexie stuff to do our wife's toe nails along with a glass of wine .. or two.

01-03-2003, 10:02 PM

I've used it for bodies at times. The real problem with it is the wax in the thread. Danville's flat-waxed nylon is nothing more than Danville's nylon floss, slightly waxed and put on the spool as a single strand of 100 yards rather than as 4 strands 10 yards long. It works OK as a floss body but the wax really dulls the florescent colors somewhat. I use the black rarely as a body floss, the florescent colors I only use as a tying thread and body with bunny leeches. This stuff is great for spinning deer hair on flies like bass bugs, muddlers, sculpins, Waller Wakers, Grease Liner wing mounting, etc.

Flat-waxed nylon is also very good for laying an underlayment of tying thread on the hook prior to lead for woolly buggers or stonefly nymphs. then after you add the lead or non-lead weighting wire, wrap it with an open spiral layer of flat-waxed nylon once more. This keeps the lead from twisting around the hook after the fly it tied. And it doesn't have to have the lead underbody body glued if your do this.

For bodies, I use either Alec Jackson's Japanese Silk, my favorite body floss although it is a little more costly, or UNI's Nylon Stretch. The UNI Nylon Stretch is wonderful stuff. It lays flat like a floss, is very strong, can be twisted to be a super strong tying thread, does not need an underbody of silver tinsel to keep from darkening, comes in terrific colors (including florescents), ties well with a bobbin, is nice and wide (the flat-waxed nylon is not very wide), splits easily so you can use it as a dubbing loop by putting the dubbing between the spit strands, and inexpensive.

I use the UNI Nylon Stretch to tie Glasso Speys, bunny leeches, Ally's Shrimps, low-water feather wings, steelhead spiders, and floss bodied streamers. If you haven't use the UNI Nylon Stretch, try it, you'll like it.

01-09-2003, 09:17 AM
And, both flytyer and fred are right on target.

I use it for quite a bit of my tying; if I want to use it as a body, which is not very often, I find myself sitting waiting for the bobbin to finish spinning so the material is flat enough to go on the shank. Every pass of the bobbin puts a twist in the nylon, and it begins to lie as a line, not as a flat.