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: Nantucket 7/13

07-13-2001, 06:52 PM
It has been another interesting week for us out here on the island once again. Howling winds have limited where we can fish with the flyrod, but if you make due with what you have, and pay attention to the water, things can come together nicely for you. Wednesday morning, just before the thunder storms rolled in, my client and I found ourselves to be the only ones at Great Point rip with fish slamming bait right at our feet. We ended up landing 4 stripers from 24" to 30" and one bluefish, all on the fly. Every morning this week, right around mid tide when the rip really builds up, there have been a lot of fish surfing the rip after bait. This morning, on another trip we backed off from the crowd at the rip a little only to hook into a 10 lb. blue on the second cast. We landed another one a little later on and then watched a couple of fly rodders up in the rip land a couple of small stripers.
Over the last couple of days I have been wishing for a boat only because there have been huge flocks of birds pounding the water a couple of hundred yards out from the point. One of the boats made a run out there this morning and the captain told me I was right, there a huge schools of blues and stripers holding out there in the rip. The boats working the west end and the South shore have also reported huge schools of blues off the south side and some big stripers holding in the rips out there.
For those of us who are shore bound the news of the week is that Smith's Point has been reopened early and there are some good fish holding on the flats out there in Madaket Harbor. For the boat guys, the huge news, and you've all been waiting to hear this, is that the first Bonito of the season was caught out off Great Point on Monday and others were spotted splashing around out around Smith's Point opening. Nothing close to shore yet, and no real numbers, but do we really care? Let the games begin!!!
As a side note, one of our boats went off shore Saturday, where they chummed up sharks, they ended up landing 8 of those bad boys on the fly just for the fun of it. If you really want some excitement, get ready for tuna season, since some of those guys have started going out now to.
I found, this week, that the old standby clouser worked pretty well, and we also threw in some epoxy sand eel patterns, since that seems to be what all those fish are gorging themselves on and chasing around out there in the surf.

07-13-2001, 10:08 PM
Great report again... blues of great point. I remember years ago that area was always a meca for blues.. but on a fly... 10 pounds...and sharks... I know what you mean about a boat.. but the shore sounded pretty good too. Do you see any yakers off that shore or would that be suicide?

07-14-2001, 06:37 AM
I just sold my yak to someone who had time to use it, but a lot of people use them inside the harbor and if the tide is right out in Madaket Harbor across to Tuckernuck flats. I would avoid getting out there on the ocean side due to strong rips and currents...

07-14-2001, 10:48 PM
Great report again, Shane. Thanks.

John -- as a 20+ year worshipper at the cathedral of Great Point and as long-time paddler on the island (albeit in a canoe until recently when I switched to a yak) I can say without reservation that you'd be swept to Tuckernuck or back home to Chatham in a heartbeat if you launched near Great Point at anytime but slack water. Come over in late fall when I'm on island for a couple of weeks and I'll show you the places you can fish from your Tri-balance. And if you bring those sweet Scott rods you showed me at the casting clave, I'll buy all the scotch and cigars you can consume.