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: Fly Swap Flies--- Fix

12-31-2002, 01:57 PM
Here are Dave's---- Dave please type in your instructions on the next post to this post... thanks

01-02-2003, 02:28 PM
Materials List:

Hook: Salt, choice of size and style, #8 thru 2/0.
Thread: Clear Mono.
Body: UltraHair and Unique Hair; Olive, White, Silver Gray, Pink, Lavender, Tan, SeaFoam Green and lighter spectrum variations up through an almost indiscernible ‘mist’ color.
Epoxy: PowerPoxy Brand “SuperPoxy”.

This really requires a lot more words to explain than it does hand/eye actions to perform. This is one of the ideas I’ve come up with to mimic a sand lance or glass type baitfish pattern. The translucence of the form; the absence of definitive lines, body breaks, excessive flash, eyes and ‘body’, as we perceive it, is deliberate. The material looks ‘gray’ in the picture, yet there are eleven (edited - :o ) distinct colors blended together in this pattern. Each ‘color’ picks up light and shows itself more clearly as light is collected and dispersed through the material. The material reflects light tremendously, without the use of flash. The prep work for this doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time, but it requires a little attention to detail to get the color blend and taper down.

Obviously, you can add eyes, body definitions, flash, etc., at your discretion.

Body Color/Taper: Created by combining all fiber bunches into one. From each hank of individual colored fiber, remove about a 1/16-3/32” diameter section, placing each against the other on your desk with one end matched. Then, press the bunch together in your fingertips as you begin to roll and roughly blend it – kinda like French bread, over the top, again and again. You’ll still see fiber strands that look like solid color, but not for long.

Now, pick the bunch up in one hand; at about the center point of the bunch, grasp the fibers in your fingertips and begin to pull away, alternating left and right, from the main bunch, only to reverse your hand direction and add the material you just took out back to the bunch. Each time you separate fibers, you’re taking the main body of the bunch in the other hand, lightly pulling several fibers away, to be instantly replaced in the grouping. At this point, you’ll be tapering, more finely mixing color and DROPPING A TON of fibers on the desk. That’s okay, because you’ll just pick them up and keep blending. You’ll see the taper develop at each end of the bunch; color will ‘disappear’; you might even have two bunches of blended material in front of you.

With mono, establish a base on hook from approx. 3/16” behind eye to above hook barb, spiral winding front to back. Return thread to front of winding; coat spiral winding with Zapagap, head cement, nail polish or your choice of cement. Measure body ‘length’, cut away from the bundle nearer the center, take blended body material to the hook, line up and apply with spiral windings to prepared bedding surface. When body is completed, wind a tapered snout ahead of tie-in point; whip finish. Head/body is epoxy.

Dble Haul
01-02-2003, 03:23 PM
Dave- Great instructions! I want to see you do this sometime soon. :p