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: End of the Summer run season on the Rogue.

12-30-2002, 12:33 PM
Hoy Vey! Last Sunday the water flow was at 950 cfs; yesterday it was at 3,000 cfs coming out of the dam. With the way all the feeder streams/creeks were running the Rogue had to be at 6,000 by time it got to Grants Pass. And then more water from there on down. Several southern Oregon rivers are expected to be at, or just below, flood stage by this afternoon. And another major storm is blowing over the top of us now.


The highway 'cam' above is about 11 miles south of our home in Ashland.

So: Where did we end up this summer on fish runs through the counter?

As of November 9th (latest, and probably about the end of it anyway):

Summer runs: 13,777
Fall Kings: 19,639
Silvers: 6,077

Not bad, not bad at all.