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: Fly Swap Flies--striblue

12-29-2002, 07:59 PM
Here are my flies..I will put the receipe in later this evening...Small Feather Brain surf candies.

12-30-2002, 09:50 AM
This fly is tyed in the same manner as the regular large feather brain, except that I do not use a spreader... Hook-2/0 or 1/0.... thread- White nylon waxed.....Inner Body- White polar fiber instread of White bucktail, since I want these little ones to wiggle and not be that stiff, but you can do it with bucktail, only don't tye the bucktail down to hard as you would not want it to splay and this would make it difficult to put the outer body on... Then cover the polar fiber with pearl thin flashabou on top..... Outer Body- Goop in two rooster hackles on each side... the first level with the shank..the second a little higher but meeting or the bases touching at the hook eye. Put your goop on about 1/2 inch back from the hook eye and you will see how nicely this settles in place where you want it. Use a bodkin to place the goop and very little..the stuff is so sticky that you don't need a lot to secure the hackles. Then get your top... I used Chartruese Grizzly hackle and cut a little shorter than the white hackles.... use the goop but but a lttle highter than the hackles, again the base should be touching or near the hook eye. You have to be delicate now... Put on a very thin epoxy coating to the head..Be careful just about 1/2 back to form the head...keep it as natural as you can in the shape of the feathers as you applied them... the bottom is hard.... as the epoxy dries... and near the end of the set... bodkin the bottom .folding or pressing the hackle tips up against the bottom of the hook shaft as best you can .... You will see that it will set in the place you push it ..IF it is near the end of the set. Don't fool around too much... Now.. trim the loose ends that stick out ... ideally the top grizzly feathers should be somewhat touch at the top of the head. now put on your small sticky eyes... one more final coat of epoxy and you can go back a bit further on this coat... not much but a little further back than your first coat... after this sets put on a Good solide coating of hard as nails.