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: Fly Swap Flies- Quentin

12-29-2002, 02:10 PM
Here are Quentin's... Please type in the receipe on your next post to this post for the archives..Thanks.

12-30-2002, 05:02 AM
These flies look like they would be a great for Albies.

12-30-2002, 08:45 AM
Well, I didn't manage to get any albies on them, but this fly was very good to me on Chatham's South Beach flats. On one day I broke my personal record for stripers twice (31" and 34") and hooked, but lost, my largest flyrod striper to date (close to 40").

Here's the recipe:

Hook: Size 1 Mustad 34007 or equivalent.
Thread: Clear mono.
Tail: White bucktail tied in slightly forward of bend and extending about one total hook length beyond bend.
Body: Pearl body material. I used a strip of gift wrap ribbon 1/8" wide.
Flash/Underwing: 6 strands Pearl Crystal Flash tied in at head and folded back to make 12 strands. Flash extends slightly past tail.
Wing: Yellow-brown-olive bucktail slightly longer than underwing. This material is from the edge of the brown hair on a yellow bucktail, so its color varies from olive to yellowish brown with dark tips on some of the hairs.
Eyes: 3mm adhesive holographic silver/black.

Wrap the hook with thread and tie in the tail, body, flash and wing (in that order). Apply a light coat of 5 minute epoxy while holding the materials in place. The epoxy should penetrate the materials and extend just beyond the tail tie-in point. I microwaved the epoxy for about 7 seconds to make it thinner so it was easier to apply. While the epoxy sets, pull the materials slightly back and up to form the desired shape. Use a bodkin or similar tool to press hairs in place if necessary. When the epoxy is dry attach the eyes and add gills with red marker if desired. Apply a second coat of epoxy over the eyes and the entire area covered by the first coat, and place the fly in a rotator to dry. I used 2-ton epoxy for the second coat so that I could do a few flies before the epoxy started to set. You may wish to add a third coat of epoxy over the eyes to smooth things out or to build up the head a bit.