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: Fly Swap Flies_-Doc Duprey

12-29-2002, 01:26 PM
Here are Doc's... Please type out receipe for the archives on your next post.. Thanks...did not want to remove these from the bags.

Doc Duprey
12-30-2002, 08:53 AM
Here is my variaton on Bob Popovic's famous Surf Candy:

Docís Silverside Surf Candies

Hook: Mustad C70S size 1/0
Thread: clear mono
Body: silver mylar braid
Wing: white Ultra-hair to surround hook shank, under 6-8 strands of yellow and 6-8 strands of purple Ultra-hair under 4-6 strands of silve holographic flash under Lt. Olive Ultra-hair
Head: Devcon 5 min. epoxy. Add stick-on eyes and gills after first coat dries. Paint belly with silver nail polish or paint marker, then apply second coat. Let each coat cure at least 24 hours and store in the dark until use to minimize yellowing of the epoxy.

I confess that epoxy is not my favorite material to work with, but these flies are just something you "don't leave homw without"...particularly if you fish in Joisey.

Best regards,


P.S.: John, thanks for all the effort you have put into this swap. The pictures are great!

12-30-2002, 09:34 AM
Doc, I just left a post to Quentin that I will do individual closeups I will pull one of yours... if you get a chance can you bring one more to the show since I really need 7..The extra one is for the FFF Display for the show...or I will hold one of yours back from distribution.

Doc Duprey
12-30-2002, 04:25 PM

Looks like I am going to be a no-show for the show. Duty calls.
However, I will send a new Surf Candy for the display. I'm flattered to be included in such company!

By the way, I am also tying up a half-dozen flatwings to send to Quentin for the show fundraiser. Gotta do what I can to support such a great community!

Best regards and Happy New Year!