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: Fly Swap Flies--Jim Simms

12-29-2002, 01:10 PM
Here are Jim Simm's. Please post reciepe on next post..Thanks

12-30-2002, 02:35 PM
Hook: Daiichi 2546, size 1/0
Thread: Monofilament
Body Material: Unique hair, white and light brown. Mirage flashabou. Size small pearl Eze-Braid.
Eyes: 3mm white with black pupil

Procedure: securing the thread behind the hook eye, place a tapered bunch of white unique hair about half the diameter of a pencil. The length should be twice the hook shank. Clip the bundle flush and secure behind the hook eye. Place four or five strands of flash on top of the bundle and secure. Cut the flash to the length of the body. Secure light brown body material on top of the flash. The amount and taper is the same as the underbody white.

Tie-off the thread. Eze-Braid is then slipped over the material. The length is the distance from the eye of the hook to its curve. Secure the braid at the head with thread and tie-off. The head should have a taper toward the eye.

Place a thin coat of five-minute epoxy on the braid. Rotate it to insure there is no sag. Once dry, place the eyes on the body and apply a second coat of epoxy. Insure that the braid is completely covered with the epoxy, and again rotate it to streamline the body without epoxy sag.

Additional comments: Red gill plate behind the eye. This is a thin semi-circle just behind the eye applied with a permanent marker. It is applied after the first coat of epoxy. Change the color of the top wing to reflect the color of the sand eel. On open beaches and outward, olive is the common color. Light brown is the common color in bays, estuaries and some beaches. Larger sizes, e.g. size 3/0, are used to imitate silversides. Pinch the barb down on the hook.