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: Not Stripers but........

12-24-2002, 09:14 AM
Received a call from my uncle on 12/21 to do a little fishing. Well I decided that despite the bitter cold I would tag along and feed my ever growing need to bend the rod. We arrived at the resevoir and proceeded towards a sand point where to my amazement there were gulls diving and cartwheeling into the water 30 ft off the shore! What in the earth was feeding underneath the birds I asked? My uncle calmly answered... you'll see. I rigged my 11'6 noodle rod with a crocodile and let rip. No sooner did I get finished humming the chorus of Smoke on the Water ( was told to humm the chorus and start reeling at the count of 7 ) did I feel a hellacious jolt. My little Penn reel sang that old familiar song as my 6lb flouro leader strained under the pressure of 4 sizziling runs. Still unsure of what was on the end of the line I gently beached the beast. To my surprize a healthy 4lb german brown lay before me with its belly the color of a morning sunrise and spots the size of dimes!!! No sooner did I have the line back in the water I was in again.... this time the trout won the fight and made off with my spoon. Re-tied and 15 minutes later landed another this time the fish went 4.7 lbs. All in all I landed 7 fish and lost another 4 or 5. Since I rarely keep any fish and after checking the regulations at the fly shop I did keep both of the larger fish as per the request of the shop owner who asked if I would bring one for him for the grill. I kept the other so I could invite a new love interest over for a nice trout dinner. Ahhhhh yes this upcomming year is really shaping up nicely. Just a good day fishing you say? Maybe, but I think someone upstairs gave me an early Christmas present that will rival any gift that money could buy.

I would like to wish everyone on the forum a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a big thank you for all the great flies and the informative reports you have all contributed.

Tight Lines.

12-24-2002, 02:46 PM
Steelheadmike, SOUND GOOD. I also need to feel the STEEL, will be haeding up after the holidays for a week end. an play in the river, see some OLD friends ,have a great holiday