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12-20-2002, 03:48 PM
Good day,
First, I want to thank all who read, and all who responded to the original thread, A Question, A Voice. When I asked this question, Wild vs Hatchery, I had a vission of the response, but like when you go to a new spot, it is never what you expect, most often than not it is better.
With that said, I think we share a collective passion for the quarry we pursue. This translates directly to what we know as the "Love of Angling", the same love that has been a soul experience for man for thousands of years. No wonder the wonderfull quotes flowed like water here recently, afterall, we are good people in good company.
When I was young, like many others, I visited my local hatchery. It was a great experience. But at the time, my own knowledge of this system was narrow. I knew nothing of geneticaly modified species intradiction, I just thought fish were fish.
The idea to build up stocks of fish was a good one, but the way it was carried out was bad one. Now the "damage" from these systems has been done, but it is not nessasary for it to continue. At this stage the "new" system has to be implemented!
The "war" of trying to save declining runs by hurling volley upon volley of factory fish into rivers and streams is over. The "big gun" hatcherys need to be "mothballed" in there present state of opperation. Will this happen at every hatchery on every river, not tommorow, mabye not ever at some, but I hold hope for the future! Rivers and streams can, over time, be restored to historical states, with plenty of fish for everyone.
You see, Nature follows the path of eveness. Uniformity, Equality, Parity, and Symmetry are all part of this recipe. It is called Owelty, the Natural law of ballance. All living things fall under this most basic of principles. This is the future hope we have, the one that is proven! Rebuilding can start today. We who are now the elder recipients of existing fisheries, are the statesman and women who push the ball.
Education; Because just shuting off hatcherys will not do it. Young people need to know, Hell, everyone who will listen needs to know! When someone asks "what do you do?", instead of some response about your job, tell them you stick up for returning fisheries to there natural state, with native wild stocks.
It is important, and it is right!
Participation; Make an effort to go to a meeting, clean up a stream or river, support a cause aimed at this result.
We are the answer, we are the voice!
As of today there were 290+ hits for this thread, if each person told 5 people, that would be another 1400+ that knew and understood the importance of this.
An old Indian legend....
The Great Spirit came to the place of Many Waters. He wanted to create Man there, He wanted Man to live there. He asked,"who will help support Man during this time?" The first to step forward, was Salmon....
It is time we returned the favor.
I remain, thankfull for all my brothers and sisters at FFF

12-20-2002, 04:53 PM
Thanks for the good words in your posts for us to think about as the weekend starts and more importantly as the new year is soon to begin.

Not sure how many people spend the time needed to really think about what you said with, "natural law of balance." Such a complex thing, yet such a simple thing. One word for me that goes hand and hand with "natural law of balance" is "essance" in my dictionary it means, natural order of being. We humans sure have a hard time with "natural law of balance" and "natural order of being".

I've been impressed over the last year or so in the amount of fishermen who are begining to see the hatchery problem as out of whack with natural law of balance. There is a long way to go still for most and posts like yours will help in the restoring of order but as you understand it will be a long long road to travel.
The great thing about natural law of balance is it will find its self with or without us. But let us hope we rediscover the way to be a part. That would be the natural order of being.
Have a good weekend.

12-20-2002, 08:52 PM

Well said indeed! Much wisdom contained within your post and if all of us who care about the resource do as you suggested, things will get better. Maybe not next week or next year but they will get better with the passage of time. HOwever, all of us have the repsonsibility and duty (yes duty a seemingly out-of-date tem these days) to educate those with whom we have contact.

12-20-2002, 09:47 PM
The Great Spirit came to the place of Many Waters. He wanted to create Man there, He wanted Man to live there. He asked,"who will help support Man during this time?" The first to step forward, was Salmon....

Great words... very thought provoking. I am motivated to give something back to our friends the salmon!