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: ASMFC decides to keep F=.30

12-19-2002, 02:30 PM
Just posted over at completely outrageous!

Apparently the motion was proposed by the NY delegate, and Maine and NH were the only states to oppose the motion.


12-19-2002, 04:47 PM
Wow that's pretty fresh info, the asmfc nor cca site didn't have anything up yet on the decision.

Well if that isn't a good reason to get more people into C&R angling I don't know what is.

If their estimates are correct, F=.20 would have put 125,000 15+ year MONSTERS into the region before I retired, who knows what kind of giants I could be chasing by the time I did retire and had the time!

If bait required circle hooks, if umbrella rigs were only allowed one or two hooks instead of <n>, if keeper meant a limited number per year per person and a slot limit, barbless was required, or if commercial and charter regs were brought into line to achieve these goals... would we enjoy our sport any less? I doubt it.

It's too bad when we have a chance to make things better we don't!