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: lamiglas LS 1256 - 6/7 wt. 12'5" four piece

12-17-2002, 03:14 PM
We moved this summer and I'm not fishing the same waters as I once did so the Lamiglas is now becoming a dust collector.

The Lamiglas is a four piece 12'6" 6/7 wt. - comes with a Cordura/ABS Lamiglas tube with internal dividers. It is a moderate, through action rod ideal for long line techniques however I have found that it does quite well at shooting lines as well. I have used this rod with Cortland 444SL DT-7-F and a SA Headstart WF-9-F that I used with polyleaders as a launcher line. The rod fishes readily out to about 80' and once you get the rhythym of it, it really is an easy caster. Being a moderate, through action, it works close in as well, giving the angler a broad usable fishing range. One nice aspect, there's no need to invest in expensive spey lines as regular lines work quite well. It's a robust rod despite only being a 6/7 wt. so there's no need to worry about handling large fish or tips. It picks up sunk lines better than some heavier rods I've tried/owned.

The rod retails for $380 USD and I'll be selling it for $250.00 USD plus shipping. It is in excellent condition having only been used a dozen times or so. Dana has a review of a larger Lamiglas on his Spey pages and this rod is similar to that review only being perhaps a tad faster and of course lighter, than the one Dana was using.

Pictures are available on request.

You can call me at 905-768-8010 if you need more info.