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: GL steelhead Leaders.....

12-14-2002, 08:19 AM
:rolleyes: .......all the possiblities! There are so many out there what do you prefer? I tie my own leaders most of the time, and keep them pretty simple. Depending on the situation I dictate the leader needed. Mainly it is all personal preference, but I want mine to turnover, especially when using indicator nymphing methods. Here are some of the formulas I have created that seem to work well....

1) Indicator(spey):

* 5' 15lb maxima chameleon(usually place indy here)
* 4' - 6' 10lb or 12lb maxima ultra green
* small swivel
* 3' 4lb or 6lb maxima ultra green or P-line flouro(to point fly)
* 3' to dropper

I prefer longer leaders with spey fishing due to the fact that I usually fish them in bigger water. For smaller rivers, I usually adjust appropriatly. Place shot 6" above swivel, and one smaller one before dropper if needed.

2) Indicator(single handed setup):

* 3' 15lb maxima chameleon
* 9.5' 2X tapered leader(cut first 4 feet off)
* 2.5' 4lb or 6lb maxima ultra green or P-line flouro(to point fly)
* 2.5' to dropper

Turns over well! Place shot where needed!

3) Swinging Speys:

* 2.5' 12lb maxima ultra green(with loop)
* 2'-4' 8lb maxima ultra green/flouro

Let me know what works for you!

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12-15-2002, 08:54 PM

I do not indicator fly fish (against my NYS Catskill trout fishing upbringing).

Use the same basic set ups you describe in # 2 for nymphing but not as long. Max of 10 feet total length. maxima chamelon for the leader butt in 15 lb also as you.

#3 essentially the same for swinging speys.

Use mainly maxima green 4 and 6 lb for leader to fly and sometimes Rio Flour Flex plus.

PM Out

12-15-2002, 09:08 PM
I like longer leaders so I can fish some of the deeper holes, and allows me to adjust my indicator 1.5 ot 2 times the water depth. This way I know I am getting down.

I use indicators for supsending the fly, not for mainly tracking. This way I can fish with the weight on the bottom as well...just have to make sure that you are fishing legally.