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: Marlboro Show - LOOKING GOOD

12-13-2002, 10:17 AM
With the auctions bringing us into sight of the booth fees, I went ahead and put the payment on my personal CC. Now we have to get the rest of it together before my wife sees the statement! :eek:

I will put up additional auction items today, please participate if you can.

Quentin, the fly raffle organizer role is simple - just keep track of who's giving to the glass fly case and pull the winning ticket. If you are not going to be able to attend both days, then someone will pick up the other day. John Morin and I will go pick out the showcases. We need to figure out how to do labels with flyname and tyer info for the showcase. There will be one happy winner by the sound of it.

We will have some great tyers doing their sessions this year, like last year. The schedule will be announced shortly once we get responses back from the pro's.

We are still thinking up ways to earn back the fees to get the February Seattle show rolling, then the indoor casting clave, so if you have any ideas for fund raising at the show that would be great. What we recoup in the end will be our new dedicated server funds for 2003, so it's important that we roll everything over from event to event.

Dana, Sean and I are thinking about offering a premium services package next year including a video pass, insider monthly articles, etc. This is still being thought through.


We have the tables, booth already. We need to buy a few folding chairs.

We need to buy the two showcases for the fly raffles.

We will need some promo items for the booth this year as well, (recoverable).

Mark Doogue has offered some awesome ideas, and we all know that he works w/ Sam Adams Brewery a lot. But no, it's not beer this time. That's the spring clave :devil:

John Morin (Johnny Scissorhands) striblue will be cuisinart'ing some feathers Sat and Sun.

It's going to be a blast! I will work out a tentative agenda and with barely a month to go we need to get moving!

Please participate in the next round of auctions to seal the deal as they say.



12-13-2002, 10:36 PM
Juro, no rush on what I PM'd you about. My turn around time is less than 24 hours.

You can either format it the way you want or just send along a group of files and I'll let my guy go to town with them. Just give me the dimensions and we're off to the races........