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: Gammarus-Hyalella Scud

Dble Haul
12-11-2002, 08:49 PM
Hook: Scud, sizes 10-18 (here, a size 10)
Thread: 6/0, color to match pattern
Tail: Antron, color to match pattern
Antennae: Same as tail
Back: Heavy plastic strip (here, Scudback)
Rib: Clear monofilament
Abdomen: Dubbing to match pattern

The tail and antennae for this pattern are made simultaneously by lashing a length of Antron to the back of the hook and then trimming the excess on each end. This also creates a nice level base for the rest of the fly.

I usually fish scud flies with a bead head, but unweighted scuds as the second fly in a tandem rig can be outrageous. Other productive colors include pink, grey, and tan.