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: Chatham Light--7/5

07-05-2001, 04:48 PM
Fished the Light house this morning starting about 5... Picked up some 25" schollies in some of the drop offs on the way out to the point... Bait fishermen are doing real well with good size keepers off the point. The point was to crowded so I headed out on a late out going. Left everyone behind and picked up 3 over 30 inches and one about 25"..Seals kept me company and found some nice deep holes. Could see the point and former big girl really crowded with bait fishermen, spin casters, other fly guys and Dad's with son's.. Looked for the outgoing channels at the farthest points out .. at the breakers. Will be back tomorrow but at 4 this time. This gives me the opportunity to fish the usual spots and then take off outward.