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12-03-2002, 10:23 PM
'Got this from Capt Bill Brown (Billfish, WatchHill)...


Nov. 27, 2002. Idaho Falls, ID. For the 2003 season, RIO Products has created
the Clouser™ Fly Line for Big Nasties.

Casting heavy or wind-resistant flies has always been a challenge--even for
good casters--until RIO's Clouser Fly Line. The line comes from
collaboration between RIO and Bob Clouser. Bob, famed fly tier, guide,
instructor and conservationist, is best known for inventing the Clouser
Minnow, one of the most versatile wet flies for both freshwater and
saltwater. RIO manufactures the Clouser Fly Lines at its factory in Idaho

The Clouser Fly Line features a unique reverse compound taper with a bullet
front end that smoothly transfers energy to prevent the characteristic
"kick" when casting heavily weighted flies. This taper effortlessly turns
over heavy flies into the wind for both short and long casts. Whether one is
casting Clouser Minnows for stripers, trout or smallmouth bass, poppers,
leaded leeches or heavy nymphs and indicators, the Clouser has been designed
specifically to carry the load.

The Clouser has three different cores and proprietary SlickShooter™ coating
formulations that optimize each line functionally and maximize its casting
and fishing potential.

<UL><LI>The lighter weight fly lines (WF5F and WF6F) are made with a braided
multifilament core and a softer coldwater coating to ensure that the line has
no memory and performs perfectly under general fishing conditions.
</LI><LI>The mid-weight fly lines (WF7F to WF9F) are also manufactured on a
braided multifilament core, but have a harder, warm water coating which is
better for bass angling and saltwater striper fishing. </LI><LI>The heavier
lines (WF10F to WF12F) are made on a stiffer single-strand Powerflex&reg;
monofilament core with a harder saltwater coating. Designed for tarpon,
permit and all tropical species, the heavier Clouser lines hav e the
coating/core formulation to handle tropical heat. </LI><LI>All Clouser lines
are one half AFTMA size heavier than the standard.</LI></UL></UL>
The Clouser Fly Line retails for $58.00 and is available in WF5F to WF12F.
It is a light chartreuse color. Contact your local RIO dealer for
High resolution images for printing are available at: <A
Visit the RIO Website at: <A HREF="http://www.rioproducts.com">

Anyone see this stuff yet? (not that anyone on this board ever uses Clousers...)

12-04-2002, 04:50 AM
Yikes, in the wrong hands this could be considered a deadly weapon :whoa:

Casting safety and proficiency testing will definitely be in order:hehe:

12-04-2002, 06:07 AM
Yes, almost as dangerous as a daisy chain of 5 hooks with flailing schoolies on them! :hehe:

Seriously, in my opinion not everything one puts eyes on is a clouser, contrary to generalizations we all make. Some flies maintain a ratio of materials to eyes that casts to the backing knot without doing anything different. The short bucktail flies on a stout hook with huge eyes - now that's a different story, and I see a need for such lines not only for heavy terminal items but also for highly wind resistant flies with wide profiles and/or parachuting materials often used on hi-ties, etc.

12-04-2002, 09:36 AM
What they need to do is put a cold water formula on a striper wt. line. My early season starts in March { well maybe not this year }