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: St. John, USVI

Capt. Mel Simpson
12-03-2002, 05:26 PM
Just got home after a fun Thanksgiving at our daughters' in St. Johns. Had no idea there would be any fishing but they have a friend who owns a kayaking business and he flyfishes. So he took me bonefishing! We stayed at the Westin and he lives right next door, picked me up at 6am and we were on the flat in 10 minutes!

Small little flat maybe a 1/4 mile long, with turtle grass and some rocks, almost like a reef flat you would see in Belize. Right off we saw a school of fish tailing, I made a couple of cast to them...very spooky.

I asked him if he ever saw any permit and just then we saw one floating in the surf, his dorsal fin was laying down and he was just floating along. I made maybe a half dozen casts to him but couldn't interest him but wow, exciting!

Just thought you would like to know that if your wife ever insist you have to take a family vacation to the Virgin Islands take a rod!

The young guy that took me fishing is Arthur Jones and can be found at