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: Last Boat Hurrah....Long Sand Shoal CT.

11-30-2002, 11:04 PM
Well I was awaken this morning by my wifes alarm clock @ 0700 and decided to check the weather. Looked out at the pond (Gulf Pond) and it was calm, went online and checked the marine forecast and it was still 20-25 SW. Thought about it for awhile and decided one last run before the boat goes to bed. Called my buddy and asked him if he wanted to join me for one last blast. Met him on 95 on the way to CT. River ramp. Got out there about 10:30 and fished till about 1:00. Had a couple of good wacks and I landed the only fish of the day, about 38-40" 15-20 lbs. nice fish and a good way to end the year. My insurance is up for the year so I went home and winterized the boat. Very depressing thing to have to do every year, I hate having to put the boat away but it has to happen sooner or later and with the COLD forecast I figured I better do it today while it was still tolerable temp. wise. Just have to cover her and pull the battery. Happy Holidays to all!!

Mike M.

12-01-2002, 09:31 AM
Nice fish to top off the season! I also had a nice cow to end the season with two years in a row. It helps ease the pain ;)

On the positive side, there's plenty to do this winter - site redesign, rods to build, funds to raise, shows to exhibit at, casting conclaves to organize, and then... it will be spring again!

12-02-2002, 08:26 AM
I got to tell ya- You really brought some great stories to the board this year. Seems the old veterans of the board grow quieter with each passing year. So your enthusiasm and adventures really made the striper board sizzle. We met briefly on the West Wall and then at Quonnie during the Rhodey Hardcore Clave. I could tell you are intense about your fishing. You also brought in some new info geographically. Your corner of the northeast was not reported on as much before. Thanks for a good season.


12-02-2002, 09:45 AM

the question is did you REALLY pull her for good this time??


Never made it back to that spot we last fished together (and mine's been winterized for a while now)....but there's always
next year!


12-02-2002, 05:13 PM
Thanks Lefty for the kind words! Jared and Lefty it was a pleasure to meet you gentlemen on several occasions. I am pretty passionate about my fishing endeavors and would just like to see some real stock and management improvements coast-wide so that we can all enjoy the same great fishing as the boat guy's do most of the time. I will be back next season with more adventures in my little neck of the woods and maybe your's too. Maybe some more of the membership can join me for some catching next season as some of you all did this season. I truly enjoy taking shore bound guy's out on the boat with me as they really seem to appreciate the chance to get to places they have only heard about, and occassionally I can share some knowledge gained over the past 30+ years I have been fishing. Jared the boat is all snuggly and fogged for the season this time and won't be wet again until early April, can't wait till the spring sun begins to shine and I get out on the Housatonic with all of the myriad springtime smells and the sound of the birds doing their mating rituals in the nearby woodlands. I absolutely love the spring time as it is like a brand new beginning and the start to another season of chasing our striped pals. I will be around on the boards this winter and hope that I can meet up with some of you at the winter fishing shows to talk about the past season and the season to come.

Mike M.

12-02-2002, 06:43 PM
Mike -

Your many seasonal fish reports are timely, accurate, knowledgeble and true to the heart. Makes us all want to walk in your boots. How many of us have lurked your reports at work and wish we could trade places with you? Maybe all the time except the skeg damage reports, but we won't go there. That's to painful. We've all been there my friend.

There are many great guys at this site, and I'm not trying to stroke anyone here, but you have given many virgin anglers the chance to lose their virginity. That's gotta be an awesome feeling watching grown men forefill their fantacies. After read all their tales, you produce baby! You find them fish, very generous with your time and boat, and you made a lot of loyal friends. Enjoyed our fishing trips too. Hardcore friendships, just like your fishing.

12-05-2002, 05:40 PM
Once again you are WAY TOO KIND! You are truly one of the best friends I have and I hope we always stay in touch and fish many more days together. What I did this year was in my opinion more enjoyable for me than anyone else on board. I was able to get a glimpse into your guide world and it was very eye opening and satisfying indeed. I am passionate about fishing, maybe too passionate, but you only live once and I say grab all you can while you are here LIFE IS SHORT GENTLEMEN! don't sweat the small stuff. I enjoy posting when I can about my personal adventures out on the water, and there is no hidden agenda behind my reports and postings, just good ole information hopefully. I don't keep secrets if I can help it and I feel like the more guy's that can participate and enjoy the fruits of my labor and experience than the better off we all are. If I can help somebody to keep from doing something stupid that I have done or help to shorten up the learning curve then I feel I have contributed something and given back a little. I have learned alot of my knowledge the old fashioned way (The School of Hard Knocks) and it has cost me at times, so if I can ease the pain for somebody else great. This though should not take the place of time on the water, every angler young or old should really take the time and learn alot on their own as there is no substitute for self teaching and experience, but when somebody runs up against that fishing brick wall I am more than happy to try and help out if I can. I was taught from an early age to share with everyone and this lesson has stayed with me over the years, kind of like do unto others.............etc. I try to live my life by this very important rule!!!! Anyway enough of my babble............Thank You once again Ray for the kind words they are very much appreciated and also gives everyone a peek into your true soul and being, you are one of the Good People Ray and I count myself very lucky to have been given the opportunity to meet and get to know you as a friend and a professional of the highest order! You are just one reason why this is my favorite Internet Fishing hangout the quality of the people on this board far exceeds any other board that I may frequent. At this Holiday time I would like to extend my virtual handshake and hats off to you all, and wish you all a safe and Happy Holiday Season, you are all definitely a cut above the rest of the crowd.

Tightliines and Happy Holidays to ALL!!

Michael Mayo